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Business 101

Not trying to sell you anything, but just inspiring you to your best self. Are you looking for a better job, career or to start a business? This is all about business tricks, tips and ideas meant for those starting a business or improving in a career. All advice is free and it is up to you to verify and see if anything will work on your particular situation.

I have been doing business online since 1997 and have learned a thing or two. This section is dedicated to all those new to the world of business wanting to know how to succeed, but may not have a lot of money to make too many mistakes. While many of these ideas are geared towards succeeding online, you can also apply some of these tips to your offline venture.

The most frustrating thing for new online business hopefuls is after spending lots of money and a few months, they have spent more money than they made in one program or another. First of all, nothing happens overnight. An online business isn't really that much different than an offline business. You need something to sell, a plan to sell it, and the guts to follow through.

There are so many hopefuls who hear that making money online is creating a lot of very rich people and somehow get it in their minds by late night gurus that this is so easy a child can do it and even in your underwear. They give the image that all one needs is to sign up for a program, get a web site, slap up some banners, and with a little search engine submission they should have a horde of customers wanting their products. They tell their suckers that doing such easy things made them overnight millionaires and if the dummies they are can do it, so can you.

It is not as easy as many people wanting you to buy their program advertise. They are usually not in business making money with the plan they are selling you, but making money on the instructions you are buying from them. It is in their best interests to make it look as lucrative as possible.

From my experience, I would have to say you need to steer clear of following the crowd and do your own thing once you have a grounded sense in business. Online you will see the sheep blindly follow one promising program after another and none of them are getting rich, but ever hopeful that the next one will pay off.

Find your own strengths and play on it. Find a product or service you believe in and sell it with all you have. Make an effort everyday, even when you feel you are getting nowhere, you must keep trying. If you get nowhere, try tweaking your plan a bit, but keep trying.

The biggest mistake hopeful newbies make is thinking there is one magical key and if you follow someone else's step-by-step plan to the T, you will get as rich as that person claims they did doing it. There is no magical key. What works for one person will not work for everyone.

Making it online is not for the faint-hearted. You really don't have to chase one plan after another to find what you need to succeed. The clue is to find out what you like to do best, where your skills and interest lie and then find an angle to make money from it. That will at least narrow the business opportunities you follow in the future so you don't throw it away after yet another plan that will never work for you.

Suppose you loved collecting stamps and knew everything about it. You could start a web site on that subject, sharing everything you know. To make money, write an e-book people could download and join affiliate programs related to stamp collecting. To market it, you would join newsgroups that discuss the subject of your passion and participate to the point where people will regard you as an expert on the subject. You then will develop a reputation and a following of people more than likely to be buying customers wanting your products.

Or maybe your passion is cars. Take a specific angle you know a lot about such as a car maker, car history, car engines... and then create a site about it and follow the same advice as above.

Really, it doesn't matter which way you go, but stick with what you know and love and find products related to it. When you show a passion for what you do, your sales power becomes contagious and people cannot help but buy from you.

When you only go after things promising big money, chances are there are hundreds if not thousands of people doing the same thing and have little or no interest in what they are doing, so long as it promises money. People can tell a desperate or a money-hungry salesperson a mile away. It is a turn-off and scares them away. They see these people coming and run because they know that person is only interested in getting their money without much commitment to the product or the customer.

Many newbies don't really examine their motives and will say on the surface, but I really do care about the product. Then when you really press it and make them think, they realise they were only in it for the promise of money and if it were not for this opportunity jumping out at them, they never would have thought of doing it on their own.

Be very picky when it comes to business opportunities. There are hundreds of thousands of them online and you have only a limited amount of time and energy to put your heart into something. Make it something you love to do.

I wish you luck and success on your venture. Remember, before you jump into anything, READ, RESEARCH, and USE COMMON SENSE!! When you have all your information lined up, only then should you proceed. If you don't, you will fail. Never go into a business of any kind without a plan and a little education! And expect to work it. The beginning of any business rarely makes a huge profit. Expect that you may never see a dime of profit for months after a lot of work. Expect that if you approach it half-heartedly, you will get lukewarm results.

All anyone needs to make money on the Internet is a good idea, people skills, and the motivation to WORK!! It won't come to you if you sit on your butt. You can't do it just by throwing up a web page and hope people will come. READ all the directions and follow all the links and you will see that everything you need to know is on there.

I cannot personally answer a lot of questions that come in to me about how to start a business online. Everything you need to know is already here. If you need to learn more about something specific, then use the search engine boxes to find it.