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Make The Most Of Google Adsense

I think by now we all realize Google's power of the market. When "Googling" became a recognized word in response to the fact people go to Google to find information. It is the biggest search engine site. This also means it makes a lot of money through advertising. They sell ads to be distributed on affiliated web sites. If you have a web site, you could potentially make a living using Adsense ads

Contextual advertising is a good way to fund a website. In the past, you may be familiar with how many webmasters have put up banner ads in hopes that their visitors would click on them and maybe even buy something. Sometimes they were based on pay per click while others paid a certain amount per thousand while still others were strictly commission.

After time, people did get tired of the banner format. They could see it and relate to the fact that this was an ad and they did not want to participate. Banners have lost effectiveness.

Text ads became more effective because they could blend right in with your content. It turned out that the right text ad which was related to the content were resulting in higher clicks which meant more money.

Then companies like Google have taken the lead in turning the mere text ad link into something bigger - by automatically reading your existing content, it could pull up an ad related to it. This results in the webmaster being able to focus more on the text and less on the ad while the advertisers were assured of relevant websites showing their ads which would give them a targeted audience for sales. All in all is a win-win situation.

Many "gurus" have come about trying to sell expensive manuals to help you make more money by pushing Adsense. Some books are better than others, but most of them cost in excess of $80USD. For the beginner, this may seem a bit steep, especially when you are just getting your feet wet.

Some of the misleading advice given would make one believe all they have to do to make thousands of dollars a day is to buy a bunch of domains with a hot keyword and get free content then put your Adsense code in the hot zones and promote your site. In theory, if you had 10 hot keyword based sites with content heavy in that keyword and you could obtain a very high click through rate, you could make a few hundred dollars a day for each site and the more sites you have the better.

Here's why it is misleading:

What may be hot one day may not be hot in a few days. People may compete for a keyword that could gain $10 per click, but with the smart pricing in effect, that $10 could get down to 30ยข in a few days. This is put in effect to keep cheats from abusing the system and the advertisers. Unless there is a true market for that price, that high price won't stay in effect very long.

Second, for most beginners, getting one site off the ground will be hard enough. Those who merely slap up copy and paste scripts and use questionable templates are wasting their time. In the key rule of web design, "What makes your site more special than anyone else's site?" by using a template someone else has and content someone else wrote, your site is not unique and will be penalized by Google and other search engines in getting listed high. If the template you use is a garbage design, the spiders crawling your site will have a hard time accessing it which will also affect your ads.

Third, websites need constant updates and commitment. If you are being encouraged to start off with as many sites as possible, RUN!!!

Fourth, most will have a problem when it comes to getting traffic because the methods these programs recommend is to write articles for article mills to have them link to your site which is what everyone is doing and the search engines are taking note to discount its importance. Search engine traffic is a constant battle of tweaking. Even if you are on the top one day, slight changes in the engine could knock you to the 20th page result or completely knock it out altogether.

Besides, if you had no problem writing your own articles in the first place, you wouldn't need to follow their advice to grab the articles others wrote on article mill sites.

Instead, this is what you should do if you want to make money with Adsense or any contextual ad program.

If you have a website already, sign up for an Adsense account if you do not have one yet.

If you do not have a web site, start one. It could be a blog such as from, but before they will consider it, you need to have some content for them to judge if it is worthy.

If you decide on doing a web site, try thinking of a theme you know and enjoy talking about. When you figured out your topic, find a domain name related to that topic.

Note: Don't just go after the high paying keywords, everyone is doing it and you are not likely to get any attention unless you already have a following in that field. For repeat traffic, credibility is an issue. You may get a person out there once, but unless you are an authority figure on that topic they will not be back.

Let's say your expertise is in oriental cooking. It is something you could go on and on about for weeks. It may not be the really hot paying keyword bids, but it would be more consistent and fewer competitors for that niche audience. If it is something you enjoy and are an expert in, you will come across that way to the audience at large and develop a natural long term following as opposed to the quick hit once where you never see them again. Stick with what you know and what you love and you will win in the long run.

If you have your topic and domain name picked, find a webhosting company. Some can be as low as $4.95/month and will include the domain name.

Once that it set up, pick a template or create one from scratch. Before you even worry about content, make sure your basic design is correct by W3C standards. Correcting it before putting in your content will make it easier to find the errors. Be sure you have the navigation in mind so you can map out your pages as you add content. And test, test, test it!! Will it work in all browsers and screen sizes? Can you navigate it with the tab key? How does it look?

After you get a correct design, add your content. If you were already approved for Adsense, all you need to do is insert your code into the hot zone areas. If you do not have an account, now would be the time to sign up.

Once you have signed up for the Adsense program, you don't really need to buy an expensive manual to get the most of it, just read the Google guidelines which will tell you everything you need to know. Join the webmaster's forum on the Google site to keep up to date with what's going on. All those "gurus" are basically telling you everything you could find free at Google. One exception is a book by Joel Comm AdSense Secrets as he does give more in depth tips on how to make the most of it.

Some of the highlights you should know:

Those tips will help with any contextual advertising program. Just remember, while these things are the hot money making topic, things do change rather quickly. What is a hot income opportunity one year may fizzle in another year. Don't solely depend on this as your goose to lay golden eggs.

If you really just want to be in business doing websites, you must always think ahead. Your website alone is your business shop and what you put into it will help you keep it running. Don't think of building a website solely to have a place to put the one product because when that fizzles you have nothing.

Play by the rules and you can win.