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Should You Start A Business - Are You Afraid Of Sales

All business is sales! Sometimes the same people trying to sell you a business plan will tell you that you will never have to sell a thing. THEY ARE WRONG!!

How on earth would one make money without sales? Think about it! You are in business to make money obviously. From where does the money come? Your customers, downline, or others who want your services or goods.

In order to get them to give you their money, what do you have to do? Sell them on the idea as to why they need to part with their money and give it to you as opposed to someone else.

Your sales pitch can be subtle or in your face, but you will have to sell or you make no money. If you hate sales, you should not go into business for yourself.

Sales is not just for door-to-door people with a case full of wares to sell, traditional businesses as well as Internet businesses, MLM, and other such get rich quick plans all must sell to make money. Even those who work for others are perpetually selling, but many do not realize it.

When you go to find a job, you are selling your services to that employer to get them to hire you. When you are in the store and approach a customer, you are selling them on the idea to buy something in the store. Even if you are a teller at a fast food place, you are trying to sell the customer more products to go with their meal.

In life, we sell ourselves all the time. When finding a prospective mate or even just a quick date, we are selling our worthiness to another person to get their interest. When trying out for a sports team, we are pitching ourselves in the form of try-outs. When a new neighbour moves in, we are pitching ourselves as potential friends. Sales is not really scary, but pre-conceived notions of the hard sales image tends to turn one off and taint all sales in the same boat.

The term sales on "automatic pilot" is in reference to being able to process orders when you are not around, but at some point you need to be around. You will need to be at the helm to make sure people come to your offer as soon as they can. This means you actually have to put in the hours to reach out to find your customers.

If hard-balled, in your face type of sales is not your cup of tea, make sure you want a business that uses tactics you can feel comfortable performing on a regular basis. If you dread putting in the work because you hate the sales approach you must use for it, then it will never work out.