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Business 101

Should You Start A Business - Do You Have Business Skills

Are you an expert in your field? Do you know more about your business than anyone else? Can you convey that idea of confidence to your customer? If you don't show that you are an expert in your field, your customer will find someone else who is.

Of course the details of your particular business will vary, but there are some very basic skills all business people will need to know.

Are you literate? It may seem like an absurd question as you are reading this now, but I mean can you read, write, and comprehend on a business level. It won't help your business image if you write letters to people using horrible grammar or spelling.

How are your maths skills? Can you handle equations that deal with decimals, percentages, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division? Could you count money without aid of a machine? Could you handle giving back change without help?

How are your writing or typing skills? If you write a letter, could the the receiver make out what you were trying to communicate? If you type a letter, do you use the hunt and peck method to get it done and is it full of errors? Do you know how to use a computer, at least to do slightly more than get e-mail and go surfing or downloading games? If you were the customer, would you be impressed?

Do you have basic accounting and organizational skills? Will you be able to file proper taxes and licence filing fees in a timely manner? Will you be able to keep accurate books on your profit and losses for the business.

How is your speaking voice? Can you speak clearly and distinctly? Are you hard to understand? Do you slur your words or mumble? Do you have a friendly voice or do you sound impatient or foul? If you were the customer, would you look forward in talking with you or not?

How well do you listen? Do you pretend to pay attention to other whilst thinking about something else or do you actually listen to the conversation? Could you repeat back what they just said and understand their point? If you cannot really listen to your customer, they will do business with someone who will.

Can you get along well with others? How would you handle irrate people? How would you handle complaints and inquiries? Do you have the patience to deal with people who do not know what they want?

Can you deal with employees who want more pay but don't really perform well enough to justify their future with your company? Can you deal with employees who steal, lie, or show up with a less than professional manner?