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Business 101

Should You Start A Business - Are You Organised

Owning your own business means you often juggle several projects at the same time. Can you deal with the daily grind of promoting your business, dealing with customers, dealing with suppliers, handling accounting and mailings, clean up, employee problems, etc.?

Can you balance your checking book? Can you keep track of important receipts? Can you keep a written record of your daily expenses, profits and activities? Can you normally pay your bills on time? Can you stick to a schedule? These skills are even more crucial when you own your own business.

If you run a business out of your home, organisation will be extremely crucial. It would be very easy to be distracted by household chores, a spouse, children, television, and other comforts you may associate with being at home. Your mind may relate being home to being off from work or school and put you in the mood for relaxing, not working. Organisation will keep distraction at a minimum.

Do you have the ability to get organised and stay organised? Does everything have its place? Do you know where to find everything you need within a minute? If your skills are lacking in this area, perhaps you had better take a course on organisation. If you think you are a hopeless case, maybe you should re-consider the idea of going into business for yourself.