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Business 101

Should You Start A Business - Can You Be Professional

Slobs, poorly dressed people, those who speak in street slang or use a lot of profanity cannot succeed in business if they engage in this behaviour while conducting business, unless your occupation is aimed at the youthful sub-culture. Your public image needs to be sharp and professional which includes your speech, dress and overall communication.

If you speak to people, do you speak in a professional manner or do you use a lot of slang and street language? Communication plays a big part in making a successful business. Can you convey to your target audience that you are serious or do you come off as a laughable? If your target cannot take you seriously, then will they seriously consider handing you their money?

If you need to contact another business which is crucial in your own business, would you know how to write a business letter in a professional manner or would it turn out looking like something a child would do? Would you know how to speak to them over the phone? Would you know how to dress and act if you meet them in person?

First impressions are vital with your customers and other business contacts. Even more important is how you communicate. If you dress poorly or send a company or a potential customer a terrible looking letter, it does not make a good first impression and is an automatic turn off. They won't hear anything else you have to say.

If your physical impression is good, but your communication is off, you will never get through to the other side as a professional who deserves their hard earned money, time, or attention.

The way you dress and carry yourself tells someone if they can trust you to perform a service or if you are worthy of dealing with in a professional manner. If you are selling your service as a gardener, it is perfectly okay to be in overalls if you happen to be ready to work as soon as you are hired, but if you are selling life insurance you convey a different idea to your target - one that says this person is not worthy of respect.

And what does your workspace look like? If you deal with customers who must come and see you, would they feel comfortable or would they be disgusted by the mess? Does your space convey the idea of organization or of clutter and discord? If your customer sees you are a slob, they may get the idea that you will not handle their business very well.

Dress and speak appropriately for the situation that arises in your chosen profession. Any form of contact with your customer or business base should be as professional as possible. It doesn't matter if you are in a bad mood, feel depressed, or don't feel like dressing up if you want to conduct business. You need to set aside your feelings and preferences to engage in a business of your own. The customer comes first, how will you attract or detract them?