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An Old English poem, Beowulf is an epic tale. It is often debated whether this poem is from one author or orally told through history. The written work is credtited as the "Beowulf poet" (Robinson, 2001). This anonymous penned the legend anywhere between 700 - 1000 A.D. poet (Liz, 2014). The poem isn't actually titled, but named after the hero of the poem. A copy of this poem is located in the records of The British Library.

Briefly, the tale is set in Scandinavia. Beowulf come to help Hrothgar of the Danish kingdom. A monster, Grendel, was the beast causing trouble to Hrothgar and his people. Beowulf slays him. In retaliation, the mother of Grendel attacks and is then defeated. Coming back to Geatland as a hero, he is crowned king. As time passes, his kingdom requires his help, yet again. A dragon becomes a threat. Beowulr defeats the dragon and is killed during this fight. All in the kingdom sings praises of him; they cremate his body and build a statue in his honor.

With this in mind, here is the Old English version to read.