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Great Literature

The Works of Callen Damornen

As a kid, I have always had a story to tell. At times it was with my sister and other times to share with the class. Reading might have been one of my most treasured loves, but not as much as the written word.

Whether I was dealing with bullies or trying to express my inner turmoil, it was one of those things I would put out there and see where it would lead me.

Some of my works are quite graphic, including stories of abuse and cutting. I hope you like the work presented here even with the graphic warning. If you like it, visit my store and buy my books.

Stories by Callen Damornen

My Poems

I have been writing a lot of poetry. I started back in school when I was 10. I will be adding more to this section as time permits. Some of these will include my very early work which is under my maiden name that were published in my school's literary magazine called "The Phoenix".

When reading this poetry section, some of it may seem a bit graphic. Most of the poetry I have written is based on my personal life experience, especially some of my later stuff. To get background on what might be behind some of these works because you like to analyse instead of taking poetry for what it is, check out my autobiography section below.