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The Secrets Which Will Make You Angry

Conspiracy theories aren't always accurate. When they slip outside the realm of reality, people can get into trouble; legally or otherwise.

You may not want to hear it nor do you want to believe it, but it is the truth. "They" aren't out to get you. "They" are following the law. Whether you agree with the law or not, the law will prevail.

  1. The 16th Amendment Was Ratified - I hate to tell you this one is true. Ohio may not have officially been a state when this was passed, but even without Ohio, there were more than enough states which did approve it. Like it or not, it is the law to pay taxes. If you follow the advice from "The Law That Never Was: The Fraud of the 16th Amendment and Personal Income Tax" by William J. Benson and Martin J. "Red" Beckman. The advice was ruled against their favor and outright called to be fraudulent against those who bought the book only to find out they still had to pay taxes.
  2. The IRS Agents Are Only Doing A Job - True, no one likes to pay money if they don't have to, but when we owe taxes we must pay or face heavy penalties and even prison time. Every now and then we must deal with government bureaucrats who seem disinterested in our own set of problems. They are simply doing a job. The people you usually talk to on the phone or in person rarely get paid a great salary. They must deal with hundreds of people a day, especially during the busiest season and cannot possibly get every person taken care of with extreme satisfaction - they are only human and trying to earn a living. Agents don't hate you personally and flag you for audits, pay leins or foreclosures out of spite. They have a job to do and like debt collectors, they have to follow rules when dealing with the public. If you encounter a problem, speak to a manager with your complaint and take it as high as you can. That is your right. However, if you treat them like humans who have a job to do, you can expect they are more than willing to help you.
  3. Taxes Are Necessary For Our Living Standard - If you have ever taken out a mortgage loan, chances are tax dollars are responsible, in part, of making that loan available to you at a reasonable rate. If you or your children are going to college, chances are you had to take out a government based loan which was funded by tax dollars; same with Pell Grants which you do not pay back. If your home or apartment was damaged by a natural disaster, chances are the government stepped in to not only help you repair the damages, but to assist in the cost of emergency assistance [FEMA]. Airport security is a drag and it still has a lot of imperfections, but your tax dollars go towards making your trip as safe as possible. Have a parent or grandparent over age 65? Your tax dollars are allowing them to have some sort of income so they will not have to work until they die and many can maintain an independent life without having to live with their children. Our taxes pay for the needs of both the rich and the poor and everyone in between. If you are not paid a decent living wage, you qualify for WIC if you have children and other programs considered part of the safety net. If taxes were totally eliminated at the national level, it would put more pressure on the state level and the taxes you would pay to your state would be a lot higher. The state could easily take away what we now have at the federal level and also eliminate any help at the state level - that is a big gap for so many people.
  4. There Has Always Been A Rich Class Keeping It To Themselves - Sorry again conspiracy theorists. This is nothing new. Even looking back in relatively short periods of time in history we could see the Lord/Surf relations is one where the very poor were dependent on the rich who were not about to just give it to the peasants. This is not a New World Order movement, but just the way things always have been. Class difference have always inspired such conspiracy theories because the upper class has more power than the lower class can even imagine, so it is best to create an evil boogey-man out to get them rather than accept that it's just the way things are. We might not like it, but the truth is there will always be the rich and the poor, but taxes paid out will help balance the problem.
  5. Stop Depicting Jews As Controlling The World - This simply is not true. The Jewish people have long been targeted as the source of all evil from the time of a developing Europe during the times of the Crusades. As one of the early "Christian values" people were taught that money was somehow evil and a good Christian would not dare to horde it. However, the Jewish people did not have that kind of hang up and when it came to the early versions of the banking industries, money was handled by mostly the Vatican and Jewish people who worked for the Vatican because it was one of the few areas where they could work when the rest of the civilization was prejudice against them. Same goes for the media. Once upon a time it was considered beneath most Christians to become an entertainer and it opened up a field to people who needed work. However, during that early time of Jews in Europe, most were farmers or had a skilled trade on par with everyone else. Don't blame an entire group of people for a world conspiracy when most of this group is middle class or lower. Stop picking on the Jews.
  6. Paper Money Is Worthless, To A Certain Degree - It is a specialized paper and ink which, in bulk, costs less than the value placed on it. That is where it ends. The gold standard has universally been long out of the standard of currency. Because of events on March 9, 1933, gold could no longer support the growing financial needs of the population. There is a limited supply of gold and if we were still on the gold standard there would be a lot more poor people in this country. There is no devious intention, but boils down to practicality - the same reason we moved from bartering with sheep and goats to use gold and silver. The paper money currently in circulation is given the value stated according to how much the Fed has determined will keep the economy flowing and this budget must be approved by Congress. Worldwide, the value of the dollar is compared to what it can buy in each country and that value is given a fixed amount translated into their own currency.
  7. If You Stand Still In Worry Of Conspiracies Against Your Money, You Won't Have It When You Need It - Be reasonable. At any time any government could fail, including this one. This is a fact of the evolution of nations. Governments around the world have conflicts with some dismantling from wars, natural disasters, or an unhappy population. Some areas do so frequently. There really isn't much you can do about factors beyond your control, but if you obsess about what could happen and don't work within the present system, you will be left out in the cold. Find out the laws which work in favor of your situation and work that angle.
  8. If You Fail To Plan For Your Retirement, You Will Work Until You Die - Don't count on Social Security to carry you through your Golden Years. Those on it exclusively are living below the standard they had when they were working. It's never too late to start saving and planning, but the earlier you do it, the more money you will have. Just be very careful to research any investment which sounds too good to be true. And be sure that there is a safety net so you do not lose all of your money like having a plan B, C, or even a D. Spreading out your investment increases the odds of making the most money.
  9. Debt Collectors Are Not Scary Creatures - Once you realize the full nature of their business and that they are only people [sometimes people on power trips] you can face up to them easily and work out a deal that works for all involved. Othertimes, it is beneficial to challenge a bill you don't owe or one that has passed the collectible stage.
  10. You Could Have Been A Millionaire - Most people who earn over $12 an hour for full time work and are paid in keeping up with inflation and started working by age 21 will have in fact made over a million dollars by retirement. However, this fact is rarely realized because the cost of living from age 21 to death is estimated between $1-5 million dollars depending on whose figures you believe.
  11. The Rich Are Getting Richer And The Middle Class Is Disappearing - However, this cycle is not new. The gap between the very rich and the very poor has always been moving both directions. Yes, even if you are dirt poor, you could be rich if you have the motivation, the education, and a fresh idea with a lot of action, but the odds are really very high. Many who are dirt poor do not have access to what it would take to get them rich which makes this an idle pipe dream for many who are forced to feel guilty about their station in life when they need a little help.
  12. A Safety Net Is Just As Much For The Rich As The Poor - For all those who make the callous decision to cut benefits for the poor, just think about how this affects the welfare of the rich. If local people cannot afford your product or service, you lose business. Desperate people will buy the basics over what is frivolous spending. Stop judging the poor as lazy slobs who have no ambition. If you give them a hand, they become better customers which feed into the pool of those who sell the goods to make you rich.
  13. If You Have 7 Years To Wait, Your Credit Record Will Be Clean Without You Having To Do A Thing - Credit report cleaning con artists like to scare consumers into thinking they must buy into their program in order to have a clean credit report, but often come back with claims that cannot possibly be done. All bad marks, except for bankruptcies, will stay on your report for 7 years unless you make an effort to prove the allegations are untrue. That really is not a long time. Do nothing and don't create any more bad marks and you will have a clean record.
  14. If You Must Have A Clean Record Now, You Can Do This On Your Own - The process is not complicated, but due to many false claims you may have an unrealistic expectation of what can and cannot be done. It will take a lot of paperwork on your part and sending things by certified mail and keeping receipts and documents. If there are marks on your report that are true and the company can back it up, the mark will stay on. If the company kept bad records or do not respond to the inquiry or if you have proof you paid, then it can be knocked off. You cannot remove judgements, bankruptcies, or garnishment orders until the time is up unless you can prove that such action was not legal or enforceable. If you are willing to do the work, you can get many bad marks off, but probably won't get all of them off. Paying someone to do this is not necessary, unless you don't have the time to do it.
  15. Investing Your Money Is Always A Risk, But Not Investing At All Is A Bigger Risk - When you put your money in stocks, bonds, or any various form of investing, you take a risk that business conditions may be good and can turn a profit leaving you with more money. However, it is not a guarantee. You could lose all of your money should there ever become another Great Depression era and all that money you thought you had is long gone. If you don't invest at all or stuff your money in a mattress, it will never accumulate extra value and will in fact decrease in value the longer you have it out of circulation.