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Food and More

Welcome to my collection of recipes. Learn about cooking, baking, meal planning, cuisines, entertaining, holidays and more. Find a terrific recipe to make something special for someone you love. Everything in this chapter is food related including food articles and recipes. Sorry, no pictures. The best of homemade stuff does not look like food modeled for the camera anyway.

These are a collection of delicious cuisine recipes I have used and tweaked over a few decades. They are quite tasty. To find the right recipes, just click on a link in whatever category you wish and you will see the list of related dishes and simple instructions on how to cook them.

There are no fancy pictures to go with the recipes. That takes a studio and more time than a two-person team can handle. And it would be a tad dishonest for most recipe sites to steal pictures of model food and pass it off as their own. Good food here, but no runway model meals. We do have a print button so you can get a copy and take to the kitchen with you. That is unless you take your device into the kitchen with you.

All the recipes listed here are using the US measurements. If you need it, we also have a Conversion Table which will help you convert to metric units.

Food is our key source for energy and of nutrition. We are usually able to obtain our food through animal or plant sources. Recipes are instructions on how to take basic food items and prepare them in a manner where all ingredients will complement each other, not overwhelm the palate. In some cases, we love to be overwhelmed.

Food is varied from country to country. Different countries would have a different menu for a meal which reflect ingredients available in that region, specific cooking traditions and local practices that can be different from what you would consider an appropriate menu item. Bread, for instance, is made in every human culture, but due to location and custom factors, the basic recipes can be varied by different grain sources (wheat, corn, barley...), added ingredients (cow milk, goat milk, water, yeast, no yeast...), and even cooking methods (oven, pan fried, stone...)

If you are thinking about preparing something different for a meal, try our menu selections to help you try something new. Choose from our breakfast menu, lunch menu, dinner menu, snack menu, and even a menu for those on a diet.

A lot of food can be eaten without preparation. Fresh fruits and vegetables, for example, can be eaten right from the source, although you may want to wash it first. Other foods are made more tasty, easier to eat and digest, by altering them. Meats and fish are usually cooked for this reason (as well as for safety benefits.) Grains are thrashed and processed in order to make a form of flour which can be used in many foods. Adding seasonings, spices, sugars and other flavours may enhance the way a food will taste. Preparation of food also involve mixing, heating or cooling, pressure cooking, fermentation, or combination with other foods.

A bit of trivia, the word "recipes" came from Latin. Recipe was an instruction to take the listed items out of storage. When you follow a recipe, you are taking the items on the list from wherever you store them to complete the directions to make something.