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Recipes For Appetizers

An appetizer is basically a snack designed to whet one's appetite for the meal to come. Appetizers are to be served before the main course while the meal is being cooked (or re-heated if made earlier).

If a meal is to be heavy, a very light appetizer is appropriate. However, if the meal involves very small portions (especially if it is very rich or expensive), then it is acceptable to have a heavier appetizer or add more side dishes to the main meal.

At informal parties, appetizers can be served in lieu of a formal meal, but at more formal parties a meal is generally expected. Appropriate appetizers depend on the occasion and the guests at the party.

If the party involves children, you must consider the ones who will be in attendance before deciding on the appetizers. For example, one may assume all children love peanut butter, but there may be in fact some children with severe peanut allergies who could die by being exposed to food even cooked in the same kitchen with the peanuts. Another example, some children may have sensitivities to sugar which could create hard to handle behaviour which could ruin the party. Always ask the mothers if there is anything you should know about the children's diets when you invite them over.

Without further ado, here are some recipes for appetizers: