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Beverage Recipes

Face it, we cannot survive without something to drink. The most basic beverage is water which is in everything we eat and drink. But who really wants to drink only water when there is so much out there?

While water is the first obvious first beverage of mankind and breast milk comes to mind as being the original first beverage for the first humans, other beverages are quite historic, yet still around.

While some infants born to mothers unable to nurse or mothers who died during childbirth, the idea of a wet nurse was available, but not for everyone. This is when man went to animals to get the milk. It is not the same quality as human milk, but it will do in a pinch. Goats, sheep, elks, camel, cows and other animals have been used for their milk.

There are problems with the majority of the population when it comes to milk - most do not have the enzymes to process the milk sugar called lactose. It results in an uncomfortable digestive process that can cause a varied range of symptoms. There are medications both over the counter and by prescription which can help the lactose intolerant digest these foods.

Juice from fruit was an early idea, but man discovered fruit beverages left out too long can ferment and cause a mind-altering state which lead to the discovery of alcoholic beverages. Every early culture known has discovered this process and developed different methods and techniques of doing it deliberately. The basics resulted in the hard liquors such as whiskey, vodka, brandy and such as well as beer and wine. From the basics evolved the concept of mixed drinks such as cocktails and martinis.

In the 19th century began the roots of soda/pop making using the basic fermentation process stopping short of making it alcoholic, but enough to give it the bubbles we all associate with the drink. Artificial carbonation was discovered to speed up the process which is used in almost every carbonated beverage on the market. Whether you are from an area where they call it "pop" or "soda", it is all the same thing - a beverage with carbonation.

Of course there are new drinks which can be made from real ingredients such as fruit smoothies and drinks made from a host of chemical bases such as fast food milkshakes. Then again, it probably beats the fact that in countries such as India, Thailand and China, it is considered normal by some groups to drink your own urine for health and cosmetic purposes.

Here are some beverage recipes for you to try. Some are in fact an alcohol base, but if you do not want to drink liquor, substitute with club soda, ginger ale, or tonic water. Sorry, no urine recipes here.