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Bread And Rolls Recipes

Bread is the most basic food discovery of all cultures. It always involves a grain blended with some moistening agent and may or may not contain an agent to make it rise. The bread can be baked or fried using a skillet, oven, campfire, or just about any heating element.

Bread flour is great to make bread if you can find it. If not, use all purpose flour. There are many great bread machines and all of them have various instructions. For that reason, I will stick to listing recipes here that do not require a bread machine.

Many breads do require yeast. Depending on the type of yeast used will alter the way you process your bread. Be sure to check the date of the yeast you buy and store it properly because dead yeast will do you no good. Packages of yeast you find in the refrigerated section usually work best. Keep your yeast at the proper temperature. The ideal temperature is around 60-65 degrees F. Slightly higher will get the yeast out of suspended animation and make them active. Higher than 115 degrees F will kill it.

You will also want to make sure your other ingredients such as the flour, baking soda or baking powder is also good. Some people will store these items for a long time and not realize they can go bad. Flour can attract moths. If your flour is older than 3 months, you may want to get a new bag. Baking powder and soda generally lose their power within a few months after opening the container.

Always flour and grease a bread pan before putting the dough in to bake. If using a skillet, make sure it is greased and very hot before adding the dough.