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Cake Recipes

Cakes are always an easy first choice when thinking of a dessert to make for guests or for your family. All cakes require the same basic ingredients of flour, sugar, milk, oil and eggs. The variations come not only from the flavour choices or the frosting options, but even the basics can change the outcome of the cake.

The more eggs you use to the flour, the more the cake will be able to rise, but it will also be more dense and have a consistency of a pudding.

The more oil you use to the flour, the more moist it will be, but it will not rise as well.

The type of flour you use is also crucial to your required outcome. If you want a light and fluffy cake, always use a cake flour. If the recipe is not specific, the safe bet is all purpose flour. All other flours will make the cake more chewy, dense and [in my opinion] un-cake-like.

Some cakes are more sensitive than others to its baking environment. To be on the safe side, always follow the following procedures unless the recipe specifies something else:

What many Americans call pudding is a different thing than original puddings. Many will classify what used to be pudding as a cake. Unlike the instant mixes or the shelved packages of ready made pudding, traditional pudding is made of the same cake ingredients, but generally boiled, although it could be baked. This kind of pudding is very close to a custard with the addition of ingredients to cause a rising process.

With all this in mind, here are some cake recipes for you.