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Cheese and Sausage Platter

When expecting a large crowd for a party or the holidays, this cheese and sausage platter is an ideal appetizer or snack tray to put on display for all your guests to help themselves whilst waiting for whatever main event you have in mind.

On the platter, arrange the different products in groups so you can alternate a cheese group with a meat group. Line up each section from the center of the platter and go to the outer edge with that group and then move on to the next section.

For the dip compartments, choose dips which will complement the items on this tray. Suggestions include honey mustard, stone ground mustard, and Chinese hot mustard. You may wish to have a platter of a variety of crackers or small pieces of various toasted bread to serve with the meat and cheese.

This is also good for a small wine tasting you wish to host with friends. Break out the latest wines you want to try out and have fun with it.

For a large party, you may want to serve this alongside the Fruit Platter and the Vegetable Platter. It's perfect for office parties, weddings, holidays and even tailgating events.