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Frozen Dessert Recipes

Frozen desserts have actually been in existence for a long time. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans would send their slaves into the mountains to scrape the fresh ice into a concoction of juice and honey and serve it as a sweet after dinner snack.

As time progressed, ice cream, which was once a dish for only the very wealthy, would turn into a treat available to almost everyone. The ice cream of times past in no way resembles what we have today. In fact, most ice creams on the market have gotten to the point of variety that many are really frozen sundaes in an ice cream box.

Of course, ice cream is not the only sort of frozen dessert one could eat. There are other concoctions which have varied degrees of dairy product and/or juice. Some of these are completely frozen while others are in a semi-frozen or slushie stage.

Here are some recipes to help you along those cravings: