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Cucumber And Tomato Salad

This is a very easy recipe and makes a good vegetable choice. This particular recipe is for a larger crowd, so if you are planning a party or outdoor event and have around 20-30 guests, this should suit you.

A cucumber and tomato salad is a safe choice for large crowds. Almost everyone likes these vegetables. They also tend to keep long without the worry of wilting, which is why it is also perfect for parties and outdoor events.

30 plum tomatoes
25 cucumbers
1 onion
2 cups Italian Dressing

Wash the tomato and cucumber.

Slice the tomatoes into 1/4 pieces from the stem going down. Place in a large bowl.

Cut the ends off the cucumbers. Create a ridge in the cucumber skin with a fork by starting on one cut end and going down to the other cut end. Then turn the cucumber around and repeat until the cucumber has lines running around the whole product. Proceed to slice the cucumbers and add to the tomatoes in the bowl.

Peel and chop an onion and add to the bowl.

When it is close to serving time, add the dressing and chill for about 1/2 hour.