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Grills - Taking Care of Your Outdoor Grill

I have known people who are so neglecting of their outdoor grills that they have to buy a new one each year. A good grill should not have a lifespan of 365 days or less. With proper care, you could keep it for 10 or more years.

The pitfalls of grill care fall into two categories: Those who leave it out to all the season elements. Those who don't clean it at all.

Some fall into both categories which would make any grill fade away fast. If you leave it out and exposed to the rain, snow, and sun it will become a bucket of rust. If you don't clean it, you will have an unsanitary mess that will make cooking anything in it unpleasant. If you do both, I can't even begin to imagine who will trust your cooking on that grill.

When you buy a grill, read the owner's manual. If it is a gas grill, take extra careful care in reading the safety instructions. Register it if it is under warranty. And get familiar with all items before you use it. You will probably want to clean it before you use it first.

After your first use of the grill, let it cool. Remove the coals (if you have the traditional style grill) and put them in a metal box overnight to make sure you won't set any fire accidentally. If using a gas grill, let it cool and make sure all connections are securely off.

For the traditional grill, remove the grilling plate and scour it with an SOS pad and cleanser. Hose it off with the garden hose. Let it dry. Scoop up all ash and debris from the belly of the grill and dispose in a metal box. Hose out the bottom and scour with cleanser the rinse. Let it dry. When it is dry, cover it up and store it inside. Once a month it couldn't hurt to wipe out the dust with window cleaner, just be sure to let it dry before you cover it up.

For a gas grill, remove the grill plate and scour with cleanser. Clean the inside of the grill according to the directions of the manufacturer. When dry, cover it up and store inside.

By following these tips, your grill will last longer and the food will taste better.