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It's All Food Related

Easy To Prepare Salsa

Don't rub your eyes when handling the peppers.

Dice tomatoes and add to a bowl. Be sure to include the all juices from the tomatoes. De-seed hot peppers [slit up the side and remove with a spoon - WEAR GLOVES WHEN DOING THIS AND DON'T TOUCH YOUR EYES!!] Finely chop the hot peppers and add to bowl. Cut yellow and green peppers in half and de-seed. Dice green and yellow peppers and add to bowl. Peel off the skin from the onion. Dice onion and add to bowl. Chop the cilantro into fine pieces and add to bowl.

Combine tomato paste and vinegar. Add to cut tomato mixture.

Toss the mix in the bowl until the ingredients are evenly distributed. Wrap bowl in plastic wrap. Chill over night.