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How To Make Vegetables Taste Good For Children And Fussy Adults

If you have children, chances are you have the fussy variety that has become accustom to modern day junk food. If that is the case, you present them with a plate full of dark green or deep orange vegetables, they may look at you as if you have insulted them. Sometimes they may pick this up from a spouse who is equally snobbish when it comes to eating what they think of as "rabbit food".

Whatever the case, you know your child must eat the vegetables since they are full of vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants they need to combat the other bad eating habits. Eating a proper, balanced diet will help them keep their weight in check and prevent them for serious illness such as cancer and heart disease. If they don't eat right as a child, chances are not great that they will do it as adults either, so you want to start the good habit as soon as possible. But how?

There are many things you can do that really don't take much effort and don't compromise the quality of the nutrition. Some of these tips will add extra calories and fats, but at least it will get the vegetables down your fussy eater's mouth. Other ideas would involve shaping them in fun ways or simply hiding them. Here is the low down on how to get your loved one to eat their vegetables.




If All Else Fails

Take 4 servings of green vegetables and 2 servings of orange vegetables with 1/2 cup apple juice. Liquefy the vegetables in a food processor and mix with apple juice. Tell the fussy eater to drink this mixture first thing in the morning and they won't have to eat any vegetable the rest of the day. Alternatively, you can use 2 tablespoons of hot sauce for adults who may like a spicy kick.