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Origin Of Holidays

The History of The Popular Holidays

Why do holidays exist and why do we celebrate them? People have been observing holidays as long as mankind has been around. Some holidays are based on religious beliefs while others are secular. ALL holidays at some point in history have been made by mankind.

Many holidays are based on earlier holidays in order to attract people to a new religious belief. This is where the term "holiday" was coined; its meaning, a holy day. Many of these converted holidays are based on beliefs to worship and/or appease the various gods of its time.

Most countries observe the same holidays on the same date. Some countries may celebrate the same holiday, but on a different date. Even some religious groups may celebrate the same or similar holiday on a different date or based on the sun/moon cycles. Some religious groups do not celebrate holidays at all, or exclude those celebrated by other religious groups.

In larger cities, most shops, restaurants and public transport continue to operate on public holidays. In smaller towns, most shops and restaurants close. Christmas and Easter are two of the main public holidays. Some other important national dates Do you want to learn the history behind popular U.S. and international holidays including religious, national, and fun holidays.

Find out how they began and how they are celebrated. Just click on the link of the holiday you like.