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Origin Of Holidays

The History of April Fools Day

There is no one event that led to this day. Many cultures have had spring festivals, feasts, and celebrations which involved pranks around this time in April. One country has a record of it's own evolution of April Fools Day, France.

Until the 16th century in France, they observed April as the first day of the year. The New Year's Day was April 1st.

Then in 1562, Pope Gregory introduced the new calendar where the first day of the new year was now January 1st. The French were having trouble believing that the year started in January and not April and continued to celebrate as such. Those who knew about the change ridiculed those who celebrated in April and called them "April fools".

Today, it is celebrated by playing pranks on family, friends and total strangers. The key is to use moderation and good judgement before playing a joke on someone. In our lawsuit happy and oversensitive reactionist culture, it is smart to be sure of your inteneded target before playing a prank or it will backfire.

Make sure the person isn't overly sensitive and would get their feelings hurt.

Make sure the joke is age appropriate.

Make sure that there is no property damage that can occur from this joke.

Make sure the person has a good sense of humor and would appreciate the stunt.

Make sure if you can dish it out that you can take it, too.