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Origin Of Holidays

The History of Passover

Begins at sundown like all Jewish holy days. It is to mark the final plague put upon Egypt to let the Jews go.

For over 300 years, the Jews were residing in Egypt. First they were on friendly terms as Joseph was instrumental in helping the kingdom through a famine. As the members became too numerous, the Egyptians were worried that the Jews would rise up against them and take over. This is how they became slaves.

Due to overwhelming cruelty, they prayed for a leader to break them free of the bondage of slavery. The prayer was answered in Moses who was a Hebrew raised in the house of the King. Moses turned his back on his upbringing and returned to his people as a prophet of God who promised to free them.

A very stubborn Pharoah refused to free the slaves, so a series of ten plagues came upon Egypt. The final plague was brought upon Egypt from the lips of Pharoah. The plague would kill only the firstborn of all people and animals. To be spared, one would have to sacrifice a lamb and smear the blood on the doorpost to show as a sign of submission to God. The angel of death would see this and pass over those homes. The homes without the blood were marked for death of the firstborn. It was this final plague that allowed the Jews to be free.

The observance is marked by symbols which represent the tears and bitterness and hardship of slavery, death, and the triumph of God.