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Origin Of Holidays

The History of President's Day

A day which originally was set to honor George Washington on his birthday in his last year of office on February 11th (but marked as February 22 later.) To pay honor to this first and revered President, this became an observance each year. It is now celebrated on the third Monday in February in observing 1971's Uniform Monday Holiday Act to give government workers a 3-day holiday weekend.

Later, Abraham Lincoln, also equally revered and born on February 12th, was also included in the celebration which merged into President's Day and was observed on the third Monday of February. On the books, the day is still officially called Washington's Day, but popularly this day is set aside to honor all who have served as President.

So enjoy the three-day weekend on the third Monday of February to honor Washington's birthday and, heck, why not all the rest of the Presidents while we're at it!