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The Friendly Witch Doctor

Before you ask, no, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on television. I just find the topic fascinating and I love to do research. As you will see, I am backing things up with references to actual professional opinions. Now that you have read this far, remember, I am not a doctor so any advice, diagnosis or treatment should be done only by a professional. If you have any concerns, make an appointment with your doctor.

This medical directory is mostly for a layperson looking for general information on medical topics. It is backed by references from professional sources. Do not attempt to diagnose yourself based on what you read here. If you think there is a problem, please consult a doctor.

This area was developed because there are many other sites which either speak in a language that is too technical or only gives pop advice without references. This is different. The intention is to give you as much information as possible without you having to grab a dictionary after every sentence.

And if this site peaks your interests, follow up your search for other credible web sites in the search engine above.