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By Judi Clarke-Copeland

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  1. Racial Politics - From a Person of Confusion
  2. The Death Penalty - Right Or Wrong?
  3. Was The War With Iraq Just
  4. The Lottery - A Sucker's Game
  5. What About That Lawsuit Against McDonald's?
  6. Can One Be Too Open Minded?
  7. Political Correctness - A Blight On The Quest For Freedom
  8. The Road Less Travelled - The Greatest Changes Come From Pain
  9. An Opinion Difference Does Not Make One An America Hater
  10. Children's Chores - You Know What They Say About Idle Hands
  11. Are There Merits In Circumcision?
  12. Commercial Appeal - Do We Really Need To Know All That?
  13. America's Love Affair With The Gun
  14. Dispelling The Myths And Stereotypes Of Homeschooling
  15. Marriage - What You Should Know Before You Make That Vow
  16. Prenatal Care Should Be Planned Before Conception
  17. Breastfeeding - There ARE More Vulgar Things To Do In Public
  18. Censorship In Schools Will Stifle The Learning Process
  19. The Importance Of Seat Belt Laws
  20. Does Our Society Really Want Total Freedom?
  21. Who Is To Blame For Violent Children?
  22. Should Gay Marriages Be Legalized?
  23. Noah And The Ark