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Grand Theft Auto

The PS2 Series

Parental Warning: The Grand Theft Auto Series® is not a game for children. The rating is MA which is meant for adults over the age of 18. The review for this game is loaded with language and suggestive words and also not meant for those under age 18. Grand Theft Auto® is a game that glorifies killing and general bad behavior including drugs and illicit sex. All of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA)® game series are the intellectual property of Rockstar® & Take Two Games® and are rated MA. [Grand Theft Auto © 1997 - Present]

Why would one have a section exclusive to only Playstation 2 Grand Theft Auto game series? Because, in my humble opinion, they are the best. Beyond its time in use of play, I can do these again and again. Heck, my kids will attest I still play Vice City and that came out in 2002. As a matter of fact, my son started playing this as one of his first video games when he was a mere 5 year old lad [don't judge me].

Some might have just discovered the games in a discount bin and decided to see what the talk was all about. Some might have had parents who refused to let them play and as adults decided to see what the talk was all about. Some might be parents whose kids just left the house and, well, you know already. Ditto for those who didn't have the money at the time, just curious about it now, were locked up in jail doing the real GTA, etc. So don't feel silly if you felt the need to consult this guide.

The ones for the PS1 were, although great for its time, were draining on the eyes with the overhead view and hard on the hands as it didn't employ the use of the R3 and L3; try doing those games for more than a few hours with nothing but the four directional pads as the only way to navigate the game!

Why not the games for PS3 or the ones due out for PS4? I will give them props for the great graphics and faster run times.

I dislike GTAIV because of the storyline. I didn't find it all that interesting. I also did not like the fact that the fun side missions which gave you something useful were discontinued [like doing a firetruck mission could make you fireproof or a police mission could give you a boost in armor]. The pigeons! Really??

GTAV. I hate the fact that it isn't roam friendly before you enter into the missions; maybe as a chauffeur or some low key level tour as long as it isn't that high intese like V. At least in IV, your only pre-game task is driving to that dive where you will live until it is blown up. After that drive, you can roam and get acquainted with the layout of the place and get used to the controls [which are different from the usages in PS2]. GTAV also makes the control usasage different from IV. Can't they just stick to a core set? At least they kept "X" as the perpetual run and moving forward button; everything else changes. I was excited for V to come out, but gave up on it as the storyline just didn't suck me in enough to make the changes worthwhile.

And with PS3 and the PS4, they are geared more to an online element as well as extra charges. I'm old school that way, I like to buy the complete game I bought, not extras added on for making up the sloppy designs or to get an advantage. Earning advantages is fine, but if all you have to do is pay for it, why bother? PS1 and PS2 games were great in that sense because once you bought it, there was no further transaction available. They had that one shot to get the game right. The new games, on the other hand, can go out sloppy because they can perpetually tweak the mistakes made on the rush to market.

I'm not knocking you if you prefer other games. However, there is this niche market over here. Those of us who really fell in love with the gangsters and their stories. Most could speak, but one was mute. Mostly male bad guys, but one female could floor them all. Drugs are bad, but mass slaughter is good. I want to get back to these games just for a good burst of stress release, so here goes my take on this end.