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Grand Theft Auto Vice City

The Basics

Parental Warning: The Grand Theft Auto Series® is not a game for children. The rating is MA which is meant for adults over the age of 18. The review for this game is loaded with language and suggestive words and also not meant for those under age 18. Grand Theft Auto® is a game that glorifies killing and general bad behavior including drugs and illicit sex. All of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA)® game series are the intellectual property of Rockstar® & Take Two Games® and are rated MA. [Grand Theft Auto © 1997 - Present]

This is the non-spoiler page. For those who want the spoilers, scroll down to get the link to the next page. For now, these are just the facts for those who have not played it and want to brace themselves for what's ahead.

It's the 1980s, some time after Vice City Stories (even if this game came first). Tommy Verceti is the hero in the game. He was just released from prison and his boss son has plans to keep him busy along with Ken Rosenberg while they try and take over the drug trade in Vice City. Met at the airport to make his first deal, everyone is gunned down except Tommy and now even the money is gone. His boss is not happy and wants to know who has his money. Tommy had better come up with it quickly.

If you were spoiled on GTA: San Andreas, this will seem quite frustrating. However, if you moved up to this one from GTA:2, then this one is high-tech. Tommy can drive and get a relatively good 2-D view of things. He can't swim or climb, but he can kill, kill, kill.

Like all games of the GTA series, it is composed of main storyline missions and side missions. You don't necessarily need to do the side missions to get to the end of the game, but you need them for 100%. You don't even necessarily have to do any missions if you like to kill and cause mayhem.

Getting Started

In playing any GTA game, I strongly recommend having a set of printed maps nearby so you can easily locate certain items you will need along the way. Here are some places online to print up the best copies of the following maps:

The Controls

The controls are pretty much the same for all the Rockstar Games, but here is a general run down. Start button will always pause the game and bring up your menu where you can do various things like check the map, check your stats, set your controls to your liking, load or start a new game, and change stations. The Select button is your camera mode where you can change your view perspective both on foot and in a vehicle.

You also have four buttons on the backside of the control - R1, R2, L1 and L2. You have an analog stick referred to as R3 and L3. Then you have the Directional Pad (D-Pad) with four directions - up, down, left and right. And then the trademark Play Station buttons, X, Circle, Triangle and Square. Becoming familiar with the location of these buttons so they are second nature makes these games easier to play.

On Foot

With Weapons

By Vehicle

By Helicopter

The Rhino

The Hunter


Main Missions

Side Missions



Cars For Sunshine Auto's List

List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4


Stores To Rob

Vehicle Missions

Chopper Checkpoint Missions

Top Fun

Hyman Stadium Events


If you get all of the above, you can have 100% completion that gives you the extra reward of improved health and body armor, a new outfit in your mansion's office, every vehicle you drive is now twice as durable, and you cannot run out of ammunition. Plus you will get 3 bodyguards who will follow you around and give assistance located in the main staircase in the lobby of your mansion and the small lounge on the west side.