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Grand Theft Auto - The PS2 Series

Game FAQs/Trivias

Parental Warning: The Grand Theft Auto Series® is not a game for children. The rating is MA which is meant for adults over the age of 18. The review for this game is loaded with language and suggestive words and also not meant for those under age 18. Grand Theft Auto® is a game that glorifies killing and general bad behavior including drugs and illicit sex. All of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA)® game series are the intellectual property of Rockstar® & Take Two Games® and are rated MA. [Grand Theft Auto © 1997 - Present]

The Console

PlayStation's distinctive controller was designed to be easier to remember than letters or colors, so symbols were created. The circle and cross in Japanese symbolism is yes and no. The triangle represents to player's head. The square represents a map.

The PS2 startup screen displays random white towers and makes a whoosh sound before the game boots up. The visual display given depends on the content of what is on the memory card. The more game saves used, the longer it continues; each white tower represents a saved game file on the inserted memory card. If no card is inserted, the towers do not appear and it goes straight to the game.

Sony has supported PS2 from 2000-2013; one of the longest support base for a standalone console.

The game has a disc available to run on Linux-base DOS so the PS2 can be used as a standard PC.

PS2's top selling game of all time was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at 17 million units.


PS2 (as well as all console units) are computers. They boot up just like every other computer. The normal bootup process can be interrupted by introducing software to intercept that procession. It is important to keep that in mind if you need to load a save file from your PC to PS2.

Most mods are made for PC versions of the games, but there are a few different ones made for the PS2 which can be applied with the right game save editors.

Game save crossovers will not work from original game to special edition game. So if you have a save from say San Andreas original, if you try to play the Collector's Edition that save will not load.

Cheats are modifications which will interfere with the game in some ways. In III, the threat to game progress does not exist; so go crazy. However, in all, including in 3, if you put in a cheat for riots, the rest of the game will be in riot mode and cannot be undone.

Hot Coffee Modification

The Hot Coffee mission in San Andreas was never meant to be part of the original game. A patch is available to exploit that mission. That exploit was removed from all versions beyond the original release disc. Only if you have the original release can you get the patch and use a game save tool to attach it to your game.

Rockstar has been accused of suing those who instruct how to activate hot coffee mod [abusing First Amendment rights in the US] as they did not authorize this piece of filthy trash of hardcore sex in a game of violence and drug use.

In IV, Niko Bellic dates Michelle. By the second date Niko can try his luck. Michelle will tell him it will cost him $20 million dollars which is a direct reference to the hot coffee lawsuit settlement.

The Games


All save homes with garages are supposed to hold a limited number of vehicles. They can stack several more, but at the risk of them disappearing when you return.

Chatter between various in game AIs on the street will often make reference to other characters or locations.

Upon completion of some tasks, the radio stations may pick up coverage of that event.

If the player shoots the moon with the sniper rifle, it will change sizes.

Punching out a criminal will give the character a $50 Good Citizen Bonus.

All cities in the PS2 GTA games are based on real US cities and features renditions of actual buildings, landscapes, and natural areas.

Collector's and newer editions are not compatible with original when major changes are made because the source code is rendered differently.


The main character of this game does not say a single word.

There is no in game map to pull up.

"Nothing drives down real estate prices like a good old-fashioned gang war. Apart from an outbreak of plague, but that might be going a bit too far in this case." - Donald Love. Love's mentor Avery Carrington, presented these same words and tells Love to pay attention as he might learn something. Carrington did it to claim real estate in Haitian territory. Love also wants to drive down value of property in the same manner.

All of the songs on the radio station "Flashback 95.6" are from the Scarface film soundtrack.

Robert Loggia, who voiced Ray Machowski, starred in Scarface as Frank Lopez.

In Portland, there's a sign that advertises a movie called Badfellas, and obvious spoof on Goodfellas (1990), in which Frank Vincent (Don Salvatore Leone) was a cast member.

Early copies of GTA III still featured the logo of DMA Design, the original name of Rockstar North, during the opening credits.

Sam Houser did not name the silent protagonist of the game. Fans have named him Claude because of a text string saying "DEFNAME = CLAUDE" leading many to believe he is Claude Speed, the protagonist of GTA2. Due to popularity, in San Andreas he makes an appearance as Catalina's boyfriend Claude; thus explaining why he was in LC with Catalina before it all went so wrong. Note, Catalina introduces him as Claude, he doesn't get a say in what he is being called.

A caller on the Chatterbox says "free Kevin", a reference to infamous hacker, Kevin Mitnick. Chatterbox DJ spoke of Mitnick's trial on his radio show.

The company Borgnine Taxis that drives with the Cabbie type of the two taxis available in the game is an obvious reference to Ernest Borgnine, who played a character named Cabbie in "Escape from New York".

The pager features the melody of the GTA 1 theme song; an 8-bit tone Commodore 64-like sound.

Liberty City Stories

Was originally released for the PSP market, but put on PS2 as an afterthought. This speaks highly of the popularity of the PS2 console.

Toni Cipriani is the last protagonist unable to swim.

Fernando Martinez is absent; unlike the other GTA games.

Toni has mother issues and will never fill his father's shoes.

Many times you will hear an AI tell Toni he gives a bad name to Italian-Americans.

San Andreas

San Andreas is based on the US Southwest, heavily in California and Nevada.

Pop culture references can be found from the late 80s/early 90s and many nods to the movie Menace II Society, Colors, New Jack City, Boyz 'n the Hood, Con Air, Casino, Pulp Fiction, Terminator 2, To Live and Die in LA among many.

This is the only game in the series to receive an Adults Only rating because of the action hot coffee date where CJ must rock the joystick [giggity] to get the gal to enjoy it.

This games is most prolific of all games in the series with the words fuck, motherfucker, shit, and cunt.

This is the only game in the series where the main character must eat.

Although there are some elements of being able to change clothing in all games but III, in SA the changes are more hands-on. Appearance in clothing, hair and body can be altered by a trip to the clothing store, gym, tattoo parlor or by eating.

Grove Street Families was originally meant to be the Orange Grove Street Families. CJ can be heard making that reference just the same.

This is the only game where the player can date a character; with full responsibility to make the date successful or a failure.

Vice City

Vice City is based on the landscape of Miami, Florida.

The game is heavily inspired by the 80s cop show Miami Vice featuring Philip Michael Thomas voicing Lance [Tubbs in Miami Vice]. If you get in enough trouble, cops who resemble Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs from Miami Vice show up in a VCPD Cheetah that looks like a 1986 Ferrari Testarossa driven by Crockett and Tubbs in the series. They could even be listening to "Crockett's Theme" on Emotion 98.3 in the car.

Posters in this game have appeared in The Black Eyed Peas' music video "Where Is the Love?"

Speculation of the identity of the brother killed in the opening scene has been settled; it is Vic Vance.

The game had to be redone to avoid offending the Haitian and Cuban communities for negative stereotypes. Upon remake the names were changed.

In the updated games, the radio communication in emergency vehicles are slow motion versions of the original dialogue.

On the new release, some of the songs were removed by owners who did not want to be included.

The new release is the only updated version which has renamed weapons.

Good Citizen Bonus in this game is different from the other games. You can repeatedly hit the criminal for more $50 rewards until the body disappears.

To show how inspired they are by gangster movies, Scarface love is shown by the detail given in Vercetti's mansion and the Malibu. In the opening cutscene there is a meat locker with a stiff in it that was hacked up which also shares a reference with a hidden apartment with a chainsaw and blood all over the bathroom floor; like in the movie.

The Village People can be found at the Malibu, except this time they are a builder, a police officer, a soldier, a firefighter and a biker and are dancing on stage.

Tommy is the first speaking protagonist for the GTA games.

The opening of GTA Vice City features the melody of the GTA 1 theme song; an 8-bit tone Commodore 64-like sound.

Pablo Escobar International Airport is a nod to the notorious Columbian drug lord of the 80s.

Vice City has the most melee weapons of all the series.

Vice City Stories

Phil Collins makes his first GTA appearance in this game as himself.

At the Hyman Stadium is a plaque nearby which reads differently depending on if you have the PSP or PS2. PSP says, "You are standing on USJ 005a, a fine new addition to our great city that isn't contrived at all. Have you found the 10 easter eggs? Rockstar Leeds would like to thank you for playing the game and letting us have a rockin' christmas party." PS2 says, "You are standing on USJ 005a, a fine new addition to our great city that we've all grown to love. Have you found the 11 easter eggs? Rockstar Leeds would like to thank you for playing the game, and by the way, the christmas party was great."

Being characteristically 80s, instead of finding packages for weapons, it tips a hat to finding 99 red balloons. The Nena song 99 Red Balloons plays on Wave 103 in GTA: Vice City.

This game is heavily into Easter eggs and has a literal one, too.

Vic Vance is the only protagonist you can play who gets killed off in another game [although ghost CJ and friends don't count because we don't know how he dies].



Salvatore Leone Frank Vincent
Luigi Goterelli Joe Pantoliano
Toni Cipriani Michael Madsen
Joey Leone Michael Rapaport
Maria Leone Debi Mazar
Donald Love Kyle MacLachlan
Ray Machowski Robert Loggia
8-Ball The Guru
Asuka Kasen Lianna Pai
Kenji Kasen Les J.N. Mau
Momma Cipriani Sondra James
Catalina Cynthia Farrell
Miguel Al Espinosa
El Burro / Marty Chonks Chris Phillips
Phil Cassidy / Curly Bob / Chico Hunter Platin

Liberty City Stories

Salvatore Leone Frank Vincent
Toni Cipriani Danny Mastrogiorgio
Donald Love Will Janowitz
Vincenzo Cilli Joe Lotruglio
Maria Leone Fiona Gallagher [not the Shameless character]
JD O'Toole Greg Wilson
Leon McAffrey Ron Orbach
Ray Machowski Peter Appel
Toshiko Kasen Hannah Moon
Ned Burner Peter Bradbury
Ma Cipriani Sondra James
Giovanni Casa Joel Jones
Kazuki Kasen Keenan Shimizu
Massimo Torini Duccio Faggella
Mickey Hamfists / Bikers Chris Tardio
Jane Hopper Gordana Rashovich
Mayor O'Donovan John Braden
8 Ball The Guru
Miguel Jamie Hector
Uncle Leone Bruce MacVittie
Pauly Sindacco Jeff Gurner

San Andreas

Carl 'C.J.' Johnson Young Maylay
Sean 'Sweet' Johnson Faizon Love
Kendl Johnson Yolanda Yo Yo Whittaker
Melvin 'Big Smoke' Harris Clifton Powell
Lance 'Ryder' Wilson MC Eiht
Jeffrey 'OG Loc' Cross Jonathan Anderson
Mark 'B-Dup' Wayne Game
Barry 'Big Bear' Thorne Big Boy
Emmet Eugene Jeter Jr.
Madd Dogg Ice-T
Cesar Vialpando Clifton Collins Jr.
Officer Tenpenny Samuel L. Jackson
Officer Pulaski Chris Penn
Officer Hernandez Armando Riesco
Catalina Cynthia Farrell
The Truth Peter Fonda
Jizzy B Charlie Murphy
T-Bone Kid Frost
Mike Toreno James Woods
Woozie James Yaegashi
Su Xi Mu Richard Chang
Ran Fa Li Hunter Platin
Zero David Cross
Kent Paul Danny Dyer
Maccer Shaun Ryder
Ken Rosenberg Bill Fichtner
Salvatore Leone Frank Vincent
Maria Debi Mazar
Johnny Sindacco Casey Siemaszko
Jethro John Zurhellen
Dwaine Navid Khonsari
Millie Perkins Orfeh
Barbara Schternvart Danielle Lee Greaves
Denise Robinson Heather Alicia Simms
Michelle Cannes Vanessa Aspillaga
Helena Wankstein Bijou Phillips
Katie Zhan China Chow

Vice City

Tommy Vercetti Ray Liotta
Ken Rosenberg William Fichtner
Sonny Forelli Tom Sizemore
Steve Scott Dennis Hopper
Avery Carrington Burt Reynolds
Ricardo Diaz Luis Guzmán
Lance Vance Philip Michael Thomas
Colonel Juan Cortez Robert Davi
Umberto Robina Danny Trejo
Phil Cassidy Gary Busey
Mitch Baker Lee Majors
Mercedes Cortez Fairuza Balk
Kent Paul Danny Dyer
Jezz Torrent Kevin McKidd
Taxi Controller Debbie Harry
Candy Suxxx Jenna Jameson
BJ Smith Lawrence Taylor
Auntie Poulet Youree Dell Harris
Supplier Armando Riesco
Cougar Blayne Perry
Hilary Charley Tucker
Congressman Alex Shrub Christopher Lucas
Old Man Kelly George DiCenzo
Cam Jones Gregory Sims
Psycho Hunter Platin
Maude The Ice Cream Lady Jane Gennaro
Jethro John Zurhellen
Gonzales Jorge Pupo

Vice City Stories

Victor 'Vic' Vance Dorian Missick
Lance Vance Philip Michael Thomas
Janet Vance Lynda Ashe
Sergeant Jerry Martinez Felix Solis
Phil Cassidy Gary Busey
Marty Jay Williams Jim Burke
Louise Cassidy-Williams Chelsey Rives
Mary-Jo Cassidy Cathy Trien
Umberto Robina Danny Trejo
Ricardo Diaz Luis Guzmán
Reni Wassulmaier Barbara Rosenblat
Barry Mickelthwaite Timothy Spall
Phil Collins Phil Collins
Armando Mendez Yul Vazquez