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Grand Theft Auto - The PS2 Series

The Storyline/Timeline

Parental Warning: The Grand Theft Auto Series® is not a game for children. The rating is MA which is meant for adults over the age of 18. The review for this game is loaded with language and suggestive words and also not meant for those under age 18. Grand Theft Auto® is a game that glorifies killing and general bad behavior including drugs and illicit sex. All of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA)® game series are the intellectual property of Rockstar® & Take Two Games® and are rated MA. [Grand Theft Auto © 1997 - Present]

This is nothing but spoilers here. If you don't want to know, don't go any further.

1984 - Vice City Stories

Vic Vance

Victor "Vic", Lance "Quintin", and Pete Vance [whose mother was a drug addict which might explain the names] was raised by their Aunt Enid. Their Dominican father is absent and probably dead. The mother has been in and out of their lives having been on drugs and during her clean periods. Lance is the apple of Aunt Enid's eyes and he can do nothing wrong in her book. Money was short in the home as Pete's medical expenses were heavy. As the oldest, Vic was responsible to keep Lance in line and to keep his responsibilities to the family as his first priority. Lance appears to be the favorite of Aunt Enid and was able to get away with a lot.

Lance Quintin Vance

As they grew up, Vic joined the army with the goal of making it a career. Lance was away living his life by being a cad. He also gained skills as a helicopter pilot, although driving a car was not his greatest skill. Vic had little faith in his motives as Lance has always been a troublemaker, so they had been estranged for awhile.

Jerry Martinez

While in the army, Vic had a sergeant, Jerry Martinez, who was involved in the drugs and arms trade. Vic was serious about his career and at first tried to keep a respectful tone with Jerry. After following a favor request from Jerry, with the promise of money to help Pete pay for his medical expenses, he oversees a transaction from a boat which is ambushed. Then Vic picks up and hides marijuana under his bunk. He is then requested to pick up a prostitute for Sergeant Martinez. On the way back, Vic is informed that the drugs were found in his bunk and to add to his shame he shows up on the base with a hooker. He is dishonorably discharged and not welcomed back on the base. Vic now has an axe to grind with Martinez.

Phil Cassidy

Martinez' employee on the sly, Phil Cassidy, offers shelter in a house which was occupied by the gang Cholos. Vic clears them out and claims it as his first place to stay outside of the base. Phil became a source of support in his vendetta against Jerry. Vic, at this time, is getting text messages about his boredom and desire to hook up with him.

Marty Jay Williams

Phil had ties to a white trash man named Marty Jay Williams who was married to Phil's sister, Louise and their child, Mary Beth. Vic is given job opportunities with Marty to earn some money. He is introduced to the underworld of fighting for empires in illicit fields and fighting off gangs.

Louise Cassidy

Over a short time, Vic falls in love with Louise and it doesn't go unnoticed by Marty. As revenge, he tries to turn out Louise at his cathouse. Vic saves her from that fate and kills Marty in the process. Louise passed on the idea for Vic to take over Marty's former businesses and it puts him in the business of empire building. Their relationship continues as he protects Louise from a bad decision in trying to arrange to kill a social worker and Louise warns Vic about his cathouse being on fire.

Umberto Robina

On finding out that Marty was killed, Vic gets a message from Umberto Robina to form a potential alliance. Umberto seems to be preoccupied with men showing their balls; figuratively and literally. Even in all these macho ball proving stunts, he himself seems to not want to participate himself. Robina's agenda is to wipe out all the Cholos. Upon successfully getting rid of the Cholos, Umberto allies himself with Vic.

Vic gets a message he has a guest at the airport to be picked up. To his disdain, he finds out it is Lance. Lance came into town for some adventure in the drugs trade; something he couldn't do under the roof of Aunt Enid without breaking her image of him as a good boy. They are greeted by a gang of Cholos who want to kill Vic for killing Cholos in efforts to build his empire. In their escape, Vic discovers Lance's inability to drive and refuses to let him drive again. This makes Lance in the position to manipulate Vic a pawn in the drugs trade with the protection and driving details to these deals.

Lance teams up with Bryan Forbes who is an undercover DEA agent, unbeknownst to him. Forbes has information on some really big drug deal and Lance wants in. When they discover Forbes is a cop, they first kidnap and then kill him after being led on a wild goose chase on the deal.

While trying to set themselves up in the trade, they get a visit from their mother. Vic dictates that she stays with Lance and the two go off to meet a contact at the airport. The contact has a file they need and they must fight off the rival gangs trying to get the same information. This information gives a vital clue on a large shipment of coke. They discover the big deal of coke has a tie to Martinez, so Lance talks Vic into it and he agrees to steal the product.

 Diego and Armando Mendez

Lance and Vic steal the coke with a small crew and fight off attacks from Martinez' men then drive away with the coke to their new location. Vic calls Jerry to rub it in that he has the coke, but is informed it wasn't Martinez' coke they stole, but the vicious pair of brothers Diego and Armando Mendez.

Realizing they have to get rid of the coke quickly, Lance sets up a deal with Spitz who is producing a Z-movie. While tying down the deal, Vic makes his debut appearance in a zombie movie. After the deal is done, they go to pick up the coke. Vic's and Lance's mother, who was staying with Lance, seems to have made off with their coke leaving them vulnerable [apparently she didn't take it all].

GonzalezReni Wassulmaier

Having seen the work of Vic, he gets a message from Reni Wassulmaier, a transsexual who has had multiple changes from female to male. As a man, he wants to help the brothers move some coke. Vic is given multiple roles to help Reni including making a commercial, protecting Phil Collins and manager, and meeting with Colonel Cortez' right hand man Gonzalez. Gonzalez is trusted by Cortez, but Cortez is not aware of Gonzalez' deceptions.

The Mendez brothers demand a meeting with the Vance brothers after trying to destroy an existing building in their empire. They defend the building successfully and get a message from the Mendez'. They want to know what happened to their product. Vic and Lance set up Jerry as a cop to buy them some safety. Upon satisfaction, Vic and Lance have no other real choice but to do the dirty work for the brothers.

Lance seems to be keeping secrets. While it appears their mother took off with the coke, Lance also seems to have a large supply that is unexplained, but assumed she either did not take to coke or didn't take it all. Lance at first blames the Bikers as the ones who steal the coke, but a chase after them proves they didn't do it.

In keeping busy with trying to satisfy the Mendez brothers, Vic neglects Louise who picks up a drug habit with Lance. During the discovery of her dealings, Vic and Louise have a falling out. Lance uses this as a tool to keep Vic in the drug business. Going off the deep end with accusations of sleeping with Louise, Lance decides to take off with the coke and drop it from his helicopter. Lance also seems to have feelings towards Louise that he must suppress, so he vilifies her as much as he can.

Vic and Lance are now firmly working for Gonzalez. Gonzalez loves golf and plays a round with Vic to see if he can be trusted. On gaining his trust, Vic is assigned to drop off some coke, which Gonzalez recently cut, to some guys in an alley. Having been ambushed, Vic must retrieve the coke. In the debacle, Gonzalez decides to no longer do business with Vic.

Barry MickelthwaitePhil Collins

On getting a call from Reni, he says Vic has an assignment for him. Barry Mickelthwaite is Phil Collins' manager who is being threatened by some loan sharks. Phil Collins is up as collateral unless they are paid the money. Vic has to intervene on three occasions to save Phil, but in return is given a concert.

Vic is ordered to take over the drug business of the bikers, which he is reluctant to do, but it gives him the opportunity to take over all of the illicit empires in Vice City. Then he is ordered to get rid of some other competition which would make the Mendez brothers ultimate kingpins. When Vic has done what is requested, he and Lance are ordered out of town and to give up all of their business assets. When they protest, they are knocked unconscious and brought to an area away from public view among huge gas tanks. All of Vic's weapons are taken away and put to the side. Lance is caught in a vulnerable position and needs to be rescued. The two escape and are now at war with the Mendez brothers.

Martinez re-emerges and is assumed at this point realigned with the Mendez brothers. To get even with Vic, Louise makes a call for help she is being roughed up by Martinez' men. Vic goes to rescue her, but finds out she has been kidnapped. When she is saved, they reconcile. But Martinez messages Vic to let him know how sweet she was and he will come after her again.

Vic gets a message to meet with Ricardo Diaz. Diaz has heard good things about him from Reni. Apparently, Gonzalez has been doing business on the side with Diaz without knowledge of his boss Cortez. Gonzalez has been ripping off both Cortez and Diaz. This would prove fatal to Gonzalez in the end. Gonzalez stole coke from Diaz to presumably make up some difference of the used coke he stole from Cortez. Vic is hired to retrieve it from a gang who has it off the beach. Gaining Diaz' trust, Vic is given an assignment to oversee an exchange of guns for drugs with the DEA. He has to fight off gangs who are also after the goods.

Vic shows his value by safely delivering the guns and is then assigned to look after Gonzalez who has completely sold out his boss Cortez. Blackmailed, Gonzalez' life is spared by telling Gonzalez about the shipment of drugs. Vic is assigned to save Gonzalez who needed to be watched from the Sharks trying to get their hands on the shipment. Vic is successful at getting Gonzalez safely out of the country.

Realizing the Vance brothers were not going away, the Mendez launch an attack on more of Vic's businesses. Lance calls both Phil and Umberto for backup. While they won that battle, Lance vows they were not going to get away with it.

Lance receives a call warning him that the Martinez is going to get Louise at the hospital. He reluctantly tells Vic and is more interested in getting revenge. Vic goes to the hospital to pick up Louise and they decide to go on a date by seeing the city from the ambulance helicopter. Their date is interrupted by Lance who needs help. They pick him up from a roof which is on fire and shoot out the men on the boats returning fire so Lance can safely land on the boat. When he is safely placed on the boat, Vic takes Louise for a helicopter ride around town.

Reni is afraid for his life. The Mendez brothers are angry with him for introducing Vic to Diaz which is their main competition. Despite being a former lover with Armando, he still wants Reni dead. The only thing that he thinks will save him is to have yet another sex change operation, he's only had 3. Vic and Lance know they will be next on the hit list if they don't do something, so Lance has an idea of how a friend of theirs could take care of their problem.

The Domestobot is a great robot friend and servant of the 80s. Diaz arranges to deliver this robot to the Mendez brothers. The motive of Diaz is to destroy some key files of the brothers which are essential to their empire. By taking them out, Diaz stands to become the big kingpin in the drug world. What he doesn't have is someone who has been in the house before who can help the robot find the safe, open it, and set it on fire. Vic takes on the task and destroys the files without the Mendezes knowing who was behind it.

Barry calls on Vic to help with security around the stadium because the loan sharks are plotting against Phil Collins. Vic does the security sweep and cleans house. As a precaution, he tells Barry to call in the bomb squad. Later on the night of the concert, Vic has to run security around those trying to kill Phil. He is given a nice serenade while working.

Boy does Mary Jo have issues...fantasizing about being groped by the men who kidnapped and threatened the life of her sister. Anyway, the Mendez brothers want Vic and Lance to leave town or they will do away with Louise. They blow up Lance's car and he chases after the goons. Dodging gunmen, Vic has to save Lance and Louise. Lance tries to act like a tough guy and break past the armed security at the Mendez mansion. Vic rushes in, fights off with Armando and wins; only to find Louise dying. As she dies in his arms, they speak of regrets of not having more time. She requests Mary Jo keeps Mary Beth and dies. Lance tries to minimize Vic's sorrow while suppressing his own feelings about her.

Diego has gone into hiding and the news reports the death of Armando by some armed drugged invaders. Diaz sent out feelers and discovered he is hiding in a secure, tall building with lots of security on a top floor. He tells Vic his plan - steal an army helicopter so he can reach Diego. Enlisting the help of Phil Cassidy, they get to the base. Phil is in charge of distraction while Vic tries to sneak over the wall and to the helicopter before it flies off.

Once Vic secures the helicopter, Diaz is elated and thankful that he is now going to be the top dog when Vic takes Diego out. Vic rebuffs the thanks and says he is only doing this to avenge the death of Louise. Vic kills the security around the top floors of the building from the plane and lands. He makes his way down the next two floors while killing more guards while looking for Diego who appears not to be there. A helicopter appears near the window to shoot at Vic; it's Diego and Jerry about to settle the score with Vic. During a rooftop gun exchange, Vic kills Diego and Jerry and Lance informs him they are now back in the drug business to the protest of Vic.

1986 - Vice City

1992 - San Andreas

1998 - Stories

2001 - III

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