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What Is A Hate Group?

To hate is defined as "to loathe; detest" and group as "a number of persons or things gathered, located, or classified together." So a hate group is two or more people who are part of a club, organization, religion, etc. whose purpose is to promote the agenda of what is the subject of their hate.

There is much misunderstanding of what makes a hate group. Most people think of the KKK or the Nazis, but the phenomena is much broader. People from any race, culture, religion, political affiliation, sex or sexual orientation and so forth can hate someone who is different.

The danger posed is they tend to dehumanize or discount the life of those who are different. When a person thinks of someone who is different as less than a human, it is easier to think inhumane thoughts. This warped thinking makes it easier to actively or passively work on the demise of people who do not fit into their idea of human. While there are elements of truth within these groups that draw people in, the rhetoric is enhanced with an us versus them mentality and becomes more cult-like in nature. It is an all or nothing belief system and if you don't fall in line, you become an enemy against the group and a legitimate target of their hatred. A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader. A cult exhibits total devotion to a person, group of people, idea, or thing. It uses unethical methods to exercise control over a person through use of persuasion and control. These groups work in a gradual way so you rarely realize that you have become hooked. New members are led through a behavior/thought changing program unaware of the full agenda of the cult.

Dr. Margaret Sanger outlined methods of mind control which are used by cults:

A great indicator of a cult is their views of the absolute. Everything is either good or bad. There are no shades of gray or room for anything in between. To be in the group, you are part of all that is good. Outside of the group, all is evil, wrong, to be feared, something you want to avoid.

These groups employ a set of beliefs that justify their hatred and promote a willingness to show disdain for their target. Sometimes it is in acts of discrimination. Sometimes it is talk or action in murder(s). While most hate groups do not actually kill, the bad ideology is enough to send a lone wolf to do the dirty work of which they speak.

Freedom of speech allows for these groups to exist and to express their points of view. The same can be said of violent books and video games. The difference, however, books and video games are brief activities and usually don't have a specific real life target with a manifesto and creed to eliminate said target. Those who are mentally challenged might act on them the way most would not. With hate groups, it is an ingrained culture which promotes immersion in the ideology that actively glorify those who respond in the rhetoric of that culture.

Although most do not engage in acts of murder, they are more prone to impinge on the rights of others.

Racial Biased Groups And Prejudice

These groups claim they do not hate those in other races, they just love their own race. It is when you unravel that statement that you come to the heart of the lie


Let's say they do love their race. Fine! There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving your family history and background. If that was all there was to it, then they would not be a racist within that fact. The fact is their love of their own race includes exclusion of love and compassion of every other race. That is where it becomes racist. The very fact that they view those outside of their race as inferior and less deserving of rights or life.

Regarding the lives of other people as not as valuable, they have dehumanized a person. They would not mourn the death of a person of another race. They would not want these people to live among them or work with them. They believe their race alone are the only superior humans that merit life and the rights to life, liberty and happiness. If any race is seen as a threat to their own liberties, they would have no conscience if they did all they can to make that person pay in one way or another; to the point of murder and without care if innocent ones get caught in their death trap. Clearly, this is beyond love of their race!

People who gather for the purpose to push the hate propaganda can be dangerous, but it is the smaller groups who hold the largest threat. Large groups make a public profile. You know who they are and how they think. They seldom team together to create havoc. It is those who are not in the public eye or loners who are very secretive that pose the biggest threat. These smaller groups feed off the rhetoric of the larger groups and are allowed to get more extreme because they go unnoticed while this cancer grows.

If a large rally of racists were to come to your town would you give them their Constitutional right for free speech or would you do everything to discourage them from speaking? Most want to silence these people. They make the rest of the us uncomfortable and outraged. Allow them to speak freely and we know where they stand. Do not allow them to speak, they will continue in their erroneous thinking in secret which could be detrimental to the public.

Ignorance is the key to fueling these groups and sole practitioners of racism or any form of prejudice. They go by the stereotypes which are often things that are so absurd they are practically laughable, if it were not so sad that someone could actually believe it. They prefer to live in the fantasies of a worldwide conspiracy against them and twist fact and historical records to base their hate. This is a common trait in many religious cults.

It should be understood that the behavior of a racist cannot be changed unless they are ready to change. We should not resort to similar ignorant behavior in order to reach them. It does not help them when you attend a racist rally to shout them down because it only confirms their existing us versus them theology which sets them more solid in that belief. If you insist on attending, assemble peacefully and quietly. It would be more unnerving for these groups to have a large rally of protesters who said nothing and were absolutely stone, cold silent and still. Show no emotion and they know they cannot have any power or effect over you.

When you attend in a confrontational mode, they are more inspired to promote hate. The pitch of the rally feeds off heated battles. If you don't believe in what they say, letting them speak will not change your mind. Let them have their say and leave in peace. The public tends to give them more power than they have. They are ignorant, mislead, and sick people who do not have power over their lives let alone that of others, except by sick and cowardice acts.

An even better idea would be to just boycott such rallies. If no one shows up consistently or if everyone who shows up gives them the cold, silent treatment, then the effort of a rally would seem useless.

It is sad that you cannot reach some of these people. Some people have a chip on their shoulder and need to blame someone else for their failures in life. This is common among hate groups. Instead of rallying together to make positive changes for their lives and the world at large, they would rather play the blame game.

Sometimes there is a legitimate basis of distrust and real histories which make anger justified, but then it is taken too far. When such feelings go far, innocent parties are lumped in with the enemy of the group. It is, again, something the group members don't care to draw distinction between the innocent and the guilty.

Prevention must start at an early age. Parents must instill values that all people are created equal. They must help the child to relate to other people and be able to sympathize and empathize with others. Children must eventually wean from the idea that they are the center of the world and life does not revolve around them. If the ability to relate to people and accept the fact that other people have rights as important as their own, they become fodder for such groups.

Unfortunately, children of such racist parents are mostly doomed from the start. If their own parents do not have a social conscience and are unable to relate to or have compassion for others, how will they ever teach that child from an early age when it needs to be instilled?

Some parents think they are doing their best to teach their child to not become a racist. They may wonder how their child ever got involved in such groups. Sometimes there is subtle racism coming from the parents. Or parents do not realize that the child is growing up without the ability to feel compassion for others or are too self centered.

It is never too late when to change when someone wants to change, but you cannot force a change on someone. At best, most racists can be classified as narcissists, egocentric, and suffering from many personality disorders. It does not help them to feed into their hate. By showing compassion, understanding and patience is the only way that one day they may listen.

Let the racist have their free speech! Let them stew in their own hate. As long as they are in the open and public, they cannot hurt us. Remember the saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me."

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Sexual Biased Groups And Prejudice

Not long ago, crimes committed on the basis of one's sexual orientation were not taken seriously. Even now there is a stigma attached to one who may be a homosexual, lesbian or bisexual, or any other sexual lifestyle that does not fit into the realm of "normal" heterosexual standards.

Some want to blame their reasons for committing acts of hate on holy works such as the Bible or Koran. These books also admonish followers to love their neighbors. It also says God is the one to judge such people, not the hate mongers. If there is a God that hates such behavior, that is between them and God.

Homosexuals and lesbians other members in the LGBT communities have been shown to be born that way. They cannot help who they are much more than a heterosexual can help being attracted to the opposite sex.

Matthew Shepard is an example of how such hatred in the name of God can cause tragedy. He was just minding his own business when a bunch of thugs killed him because he was homosexual. Based on the beliefs of the thugs that homosexuality was a perversion, they felt it was in their rights to dehumanize him. Note, the thugs were not religious nor members of any particular church that told them to kill of gay people. Plain and simple, they were evil thugs.

However, during the protest at the funeral of Shepard were the religious fanatics who would not let his parents grieve in peace. Without compassion for the family they felt it was within their rights to picket and call Shepard many slanderous things, thus dehumanizing him. They did this all because they felt God would vindicate such an action.

Westboro Baptist Church is one notorious for going out of their way to oppress the grieving loved ones of anyone they believe have even a remote connection to homosexuality. They gleefully hope for the death of all those who are or support LGBT people.

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War Between The Sexes

Although it is not as common in this country, there is also a bias against women in general in some areas of the world. Women are treated like property and sometimes even worse than inanimate objects. Women can be bought and sold without their consent. Women can be beaten or abused in other ways without interference from the law. Women can be told whom they can marry, be made to go through a female circumcision, or become a penniless widow even if married to a wealthy man just because laws and the beliefs in those societies do not acknowledge a woman as an equal person as a man.

In more civilized societies, this prejudice is more subtle from not hiring a woman to a job to firing a woman who is pregnant. Some men like to talk down to women assuming they are stupid. Others marry women with the notion that the sole purpose of that woman is to wait on him hand and foot. Then of course are the abusive spouses.

An interesting aspect of US History is the length in time in took for women to achieve acknowledgment. When the slaves were freed and allowed to vote, women still were not allowed the same liberties, black or white. While some men who proclaim to be liberal and open to the rights of women, they may also resent it when a wife, girlfriend or daughter spends time away from them to pursue something meaningful with their lives. Still other men are adamant about keeping the freedom of choice act for women open, not because they believe in the right of the women, but because they want an option to remain open for them to escape parenthood. Those are the same men who will pressure a spouse or girlfriend into an abortion they do not want.

Women have come a long way, but there is still an outcry of women all over the world that need to be heard. Women are mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. Women are the caregivers, nurturers, keepers of the home and the family. That is not the exclusive potential of all women. Some might be content in just being a wife and a mother and that should be their prerogative. Others who want to find a meaningful life in a career, volunteering, reaching out to others or making a contribution somehow to the world at large should have the same opportunities as a man.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is prejudice against men. And even if it has not resulted in too much of an outcry yet, there is rampant male bashing. Just because some men in the past have been barbaric does not give anyone the right to assume every man is evil.

Men are in a position of great confusion, especially in the politically correct movement. They are made to feel like they are the fault of everything that goes wrong. Some women, just like some men, do not want to acknowledge that men and women think, behave, communicate and act differently by nature. Different does not mean evil.

One of the most outrageous acts of male bashing came during the media circus of Bobbit versus Bobbit. The wife complains she is tired of having her husband commit acts of infidelity and forcing himself on her sexually when he is drunk and cannot take it anymore so she cuts off his penis. This had many women cheering her on for doing something they thought was just.

This was the ultimate act of male bashing. No matter how much of a bad husband or boyfriend might be gives no one the right to assault him in such a way that not only could alter his life, but could have killed him. That whole scene was a drawback to the women's movement portraying women as weak helpless victims who have no other course of action besides something that cowardly.

Not all men are animals or unkind to women. Some men bend over backwards to do the right things. There are good people and bad people in all sexes. Not all women are gold diggers who try to play on the emotions of men to get their way.

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Religious Biased Groups And Prejudice

On a smaller note, there is a prejudice against religious people. Because of fundamental extremists, people like to label all followers in the same manner. Like other groups of hate, the mistrust of different ideas is a threat. At the same time, beliefs are meant to be questioned because not all ideas are good. The difference is being able to open a dialog to discuss the ideas; not to close minds and blindly oppress.

Common in the West is prejudice against followers of Islam based on the behavior of extreme fundamentalist who go out of their way to kill Westerners. The majority of Muslims in the Western world are peaceful, law abiding people who want to be allowed to worship in the way they see fit and to be accepted. [Keeping in mind the ideology of hate is in all religious text; some just follow it harder than others.]

Growing is the hostility towards Christians that belong to some of the more fundamental groups. Due to the activities of a few fundamental Christians who seem to want to turn the US into a Christian nation, many are labeling all Christians the same way. Most Christians are moderate to liberal. It is the loud, vocal minority of Christians who engage in hate rhetoric or crime.

The biases are not just among Christians and Muslims, but every religion has some form of bias against others.

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The Politically Correct Movement

Some people are so PC or overly sensitive that the mere mention of terms usually associated with hate closes their minds from actually listening to the whole message.

Sometimes shock messages are used in order to get the attention of an otherwise non-alert audience. These shock messages are designed to get the person to come to terms with their own feelings of hatred, insecurity, prejudices, hypocrisy and intolerance.

The sitcom, "All In The Family," was a prime example of a shock message which got everyone's attention, but there were some who were closed-minded about it and would not pay careful attention to the full message to see that it was not actually pushing racism and hatred, but to make people aware of it.

There are certain people who make their point with a starting statement almost guaranteed to get a negative reaction, unless the people are familiar with their style. It offends some people in the beginning that they close their minds further from the rest of the statement and label the person as a hatemonger, evil, prejudice, or something equal derogatory when in fact it is the person who is listening who is not ready to confront their own dark side.

Those who tend to be overly sensitive about subjects that have nothing to do with themselves usually have prejudicial tendencies they do not want to confront. Such people are the reason these shock messages are a necessary part of speech. Unless people come to terms with their own dark sides, there will never truly be an acceptance for others.

The PC movement is largely ineffective because it hinders free speech. It keeps people thinking things they cannot say which festers to absurd hatred in more subtle ways. Respect is what is needed, not coded words. One could say something which is politically correct, but still have ignorant thoughts behind those words. One cannot truly be tolerant of every idea because some ideas are truly bad. One cannot truly be tolerant of every person because some people are truly evil.

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What is Racism and White Privilege

There is a mistaken notion of being a racist; that is everyone is a little racist. Everyone can have prejudice notion, but only those who systemically made the rules of race are the ones who can be racist. Those who make the rules of race and place themselves at the top are the racist. Racism is defined as an institution which makes one race superior to another. A racist is one who believes their race is superior to another.

Only those in the group which initially made the terms that created a pyramid of the dominant race are the ones who can be racist. That group created a systemic pattern which persists are the racists. That group has made a system of trying to define others in the way they see fit; not giving others a say in how they see themselves or the power to fully be all they can be without extra restrictions the ones at the top do not have to face; the essence of privilege versus non-privilege.

Some of the most annoying racists are the "bleeding heart liberals." They pretend they have no bias when in fact they say or do subtle things to show hostile dominance.

I am a light skinned person of mixed races. From my perspective, I get to see both sides of what is going on.

I grew up in an African American community and most of my relatives I saw often were dark skinned. In fact, when I was bussed into an all white school was when I first became aware of racist behavior. I stepped off the bus and someone threw a rock at me. I couldn't really identify him as they all looked alike. I identify as black, but because of my light skin people want to insist upon me to be white.

I experienced white privilege in my favor when walking down the street at night with my dark skinned friend. She was pulled aside and harassed by cops. The cops then saw I was with her and decided to just let us go with a warning to stay off the streets which were dangerous [we lived in gang territory].

I also had a falling out with a white male who insisted on calling me white. Someone who is, systemically speaking is on the top of the pyramid, dictating who he thinks I can be. This is the essence of what is liberal racism.

I felt the sting from a so-called liberal. She asked me why I didn't say anything to the KKK recruiters who were trying to recruit her. I said there was no way I could change their minds as they had it closed already. She said, "Well, it's not like you're REALLY black anyway." She was the last person I ever expected to say such a racist thing.

The definition of racism can also go from Caucasian to other races when those criteria are set up against others. India still maintains a caste system where those in the lower caste are believed to be less worthy of the same privilege as those on the upper caste. Black and Jewish separatists also want to dictate the terms of race with themselves at the top [whether or not they are systemically in the position to be at the top, they discount the value of those of other races].

Privilege implies benefits from a system. In context of race, white privilege means those who are white benefit from the subconscious bias in their favor. They do not have to live in the same shadows and hardships of those who are not at the top of the races.

As a light-skinned person, I benefit from white privilege because I look white to white people. Unless I speak up to set the record straight, I am treated like any other white person and do not have to face the subtle treatment of racism. Once I do speak up, I am often subjected to dominance to either put me in my place they decide to be either black or white without regard to how I define myself.

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The Extent Of Hatred

Hatred is something learned. As children we are open to accept anyone who will love us and take care of us. Put children from all different backgrounds together, they will find a way to have fun. When they argue and dispute, the hard feelings are temporary.

Some people develop such hatred until it becomes their gospel. They believe in their hate so strongly that reason is thrown out the window. They set up a paranoid world of us versus them. There are no grey areas, just black and white [no pun intended]. Their low self esteem with such conviction and paranoia leads them to think in terms of greatness they don't believe they will ever reach. They find themselves superior to others and dehumanize the target of hate until it becomes their duty to kill the enemy. And if they die in the process, then they shall rest in immortal peace feeling they have done a super deed to die a martyr's death.

People need to come to terms with their own feelings before pointing their fingers at others. We all need to realize our faults and try to deal with them instead of hiding them so we can learn from them and overcome. We need to treat others with respect, even if we don't agree with them. If we actually listen to one another, we may find what they are really saying behind their words before we label them.

Here is a challenge for you. Next time a hate group has a rally in your town, go to it. Listen to them and say nothing. Do not react. Do not show emotions. Do not let them get to you. Refuse to interact. Just listen to what they say. You will never convince them otherwise by shouting back or getting them to shut up. If you quietly listen to them, they will not change your mind unless you already bend that way. By listening to them you will see them for what they are - scared and paranoid. Instead of feeling hatred for them, you may even pity them.

Don't be afraid of these hate mongers. They want you to fear them with their loud words. Listen and see the truth and be free. People will do what they do and you have no control over them. Don't live in fear of what may or may not happen to you. Leave the paranoia to those with the sick minds.

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