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Grown from just one retail store in 1984, Relax The Back Corporation today is for people seeking relief and prevention of back and neck pain. Relax The Back offers posture and back support products and self care solutions because we are the most innovative, medically-driven nationwide back care retailer. With more than 90 stores in the US and Canada, Relax The Back Corporation has a proven track record of sales, customer satisfaction, and success.

Relax The Back stores offer both excellent products and trained, knowledgeable associates who can educate you on how to get the most out of your ergonomic chairs, mattresses, zero gravity recliners, and more. Our associates attend rigorous training programs on posture, ergonomics, and self-care so they can answer any question you might have. We believe that this commitment to education is the foundation of our success.

Since the beginning, Relax The Back has grown from a handful of stores offering a few products to a nationwide franchise, showcasing the best in ergonomic care. As we have grown, so has our customer base and our commitment to them. To meet our customers' needs, products are grouped into seven categories - Sleep, Office, Fitness & Therapy, Back and Lumbar Supports, Massage and Recliners. Many of these products are exclusive to Relax The Back and its franchisees.

The health care industry response to Relax The Back has been overwhelming. Over the years, we have formed a mutually beneficial partnership with countless doctors, nurses, and other medical care professionals. It is this relationship with the medical community that has put Relax The Back in a unique position - that of specialty health care retailer. As we have since the beginning, we consider our success a reflection of the American consumer's insistence on quality, service, and integrity.

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The Human Touch PC 500 Silhouette Recliner features a more compact design for smaller bodies. A featured model from the Perfect Chair Series 2, this Human Touch zero gravity chair has an easy thumb controlled lever which allows you to recline to your preferred position in seconds. The Silhouette is also a powered recliner, which smoothly guides you into the healthiest sitting positions to alleviate stress on your back. For shorter people who want to feel the rehabilitating effects of zero gravity, The PC 500 Silhouette Recliner gives you high density lumbar support and access to an easy reclining position. The Tempur Pedic TravelPillow provides the best portable comfort for your trips and vacations. This U shaped memory foam travel pillow conforms around your neck and cradles your head for the support you need while in transit. The wrap around design helps eliminate pressure points and prevents back and neck pain. Whether you re driving a car, flying in a plane, or commuting by train, the Tempur Pedic TravelPillow helps you stay comfortable so you feel upon arrival. Relax and unwind in a compact, sleek massage chair the perfect addition to your living space. No room is too big or too small for an iJOY The FlexGlide orbital massage replicates techniques used by massage professionals to relax and recharge your body. Enjoy any of three intelligently designed, invigorating auto massage programs, or customize your experience iJoy elevates your lifestyle and performance, keeping your mind and body Active
The Human Touch PC 410 Zero Gravity Recliner features extra lumbar support and a smooth gliding manual recline motion, which is perfect for stressed bodies. This chair is part of the Perfect Chair 2 series and features an ergonomic shape for an easy, effective recline. With a soft headrest and sculpted leg padding, this chair makes sure that your body keeps its full circulation while you lay back. Feel weightless and free with the PC 410 Zero Gravity Recliner from Human Touch. The BodyPillow by Tempur Pedic is perfect for side sleepers, combining the body support and luxury of shape conforming TEMPUR material. At 48 long, it s the ideal memory foam body pillow for pregnant women, due to its extra stability and gentle support. The true sit to stand seating solution muvman is a true sit to stand solution. The center post offers lateral motion and a thirteen inch height adjustment range. This low impact, subtle, intuitive motion makes sitting and standing healthy, dynamic and fun.
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