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Hit Pop Songs Of The US: 1990-1999

When Music Reached Many New Avenues

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While the trend is far from new, I believe the 90s will be remembered most for the "studio produced" artists and bands. Some will argue that these members were actually talented while others will say they had little to no talented or outright prostituted their talent for a buck - but then again, who in the music business doesn't?

In the forefront of the American music scene is a more heavy lure to the urban sounds, world beat, and even the crossover of country music. There no longer exists a "rock" sound in the pop charts where it is now the minority. We should at least celebrate the vast range of sounds.

Music, with roots from Latino sources, became the rave and show no signs of leaving. For the most the rythmic, upbeat tempo and sexually suggestive lyrics have hit a chord with American audiences. It may not be the roots of Rock and Roll, but it is different and grand!

In spite of critics who blast rap artists for degrading women and capitalizing on violence, this genre also appears to have no end in sight. The artists claim they are only talking about the reality they see on a daily basis (from when they grew up, not in the money filled paradise they could create at anytime from proceeds of the songs.) Critics blast them not only for the negative content, but also argue while there may be bad things in life, there are also good things, too. Softer forms of rap music then came into vogue during the late 80s, but seldom receive the attention as the hardcore headline grabbers.

Love songs and soft dance music is a standard. Critics of pop music like to discount such songs as cliche, phoney, syrupy, chick music and so forth, but the fact is this core type of music has always been a best seller. It obviously touches the heart of the people who listen to it, so it has meaning to them.

In the late 80s, Enya and Yanni brought to our attention European soft/New Age music and became really popular when Riverdance hit the stage. Since then, anything non-U.S, European, African, Asian..., became a new avenue to explore. It was not the same old sound, this is what the allure was all about. It raised our awareness that we are not the center of the world, there are many more valid cultures out there that demand our respect.

The future of what is considered pop music is unpredictable. Ghosts of 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s music have already come back in their cycles then eventually fade in due time. Give it another 10-15 years and the 90s will see the light again.

The bottom line of music is it makes you feel something. You may like it or hate it, but if it made you feel something it has accomplished its goal. You may have a favorite type of music, but if you are so set in your ways that you automatically discount other forms, you are truly in the dark. Expand your horizons and give it all an fair and honest chance. You may find new things you will enjoy or you may actually really still hate it, but no one can accuse you of being narrow minded about music.