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Coping With The Terrorist Threat

I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do this article, but after that fiasco of mobs raiding the local Home Depot for tape and plastic wrap, I knew I would have to quickly get over this seasonal flu and wake some people up.

Hey! It's not the end of the world. Yes, we live in a dangerous world. Before 9/11/2001, the world was just as dangerous. Since it didn't happen in our backyard, we didn't see it in other countries or just plain didn't care.

If you want to survive any emergency situation, you not only must remain calm, but keep it real! Don't you think people from Ireland, Afghanistan, Israel, and such are laughing their heads off at us in a panic over an undisclosed, unknown, unverified, potential attack where we don't know the time, date, place or method or even the source of the information so we rush to the store to Saran Wrap® our homes?

To be quite honest, your individual chances of being attacked by a terrorist are extremely minor. Want to know how terrorists have fun? Send out a bunch of threats and sound convincing then sit back and watch your targets run around like scared chickens, spending money and wearing themselves out. Further, the more this happens, the more they know we will eventually tire of this game and will attack unannounced. Do you think for a minute if they really wanted to do harm they would make sure it would be broadcasted and heard or would it be done in secret so no one can stop them?

With that said, I want to make it clear that I have nothing against this idea of the color co-ordinated alert level measurement chart - it makes a good comedic prop. There needs to be more awareness on what the potential dangers are, how to deal with them, and an effective warning system that is not in our faces 24/7.

My advice to you is to get an emergency kit consisting of basic first aid supplies. Have one for the car, your home, your office, even give one to your children's teacher. Buy a First Aid book from The American Red Cross and take a few live courses from your local chapter...while you are there donate some blood! Get to know your neighbors and get along with them as you may one day need their help or they may need you. Aside from that, live your life, but not with your head up your backside. Sure, if you happen to notice on the off chance a person dumping some unknown substance in your local water supply or a person fiddling around with matches in an explosive area, or any strange behavior, then and only then do you need to act.

And for Christ's sake, please stop attacking anyone who happens to be of Arab decent, a practicing Muslim or anyone who "looks" like they are from that area. Try to reach out to them if they make you nervous and get to know them. A terrorist will shut you out completely and you will probably get weird vibes from them. Others will like to have people approach them in a friendly way to get to know them for their unique, individual talents and personalities - wouldn't you? Don't jump to conclusions. They might be shy. They might be in fear for their lives. Or they might turn out to be exactly like you and your future best friend.

Chances are if we get attacked, most will be instantly killed or in a position where they are not close enough to all those fancy and expensive life saving gadgets anyway to do them any good. This is why you need to take sane, life saving classes. If you can keep calm, you will increase your odds of surviving by finding a way out while others who panic will die on the way.

I'm sure Tom Ridge is doing the best he can, but it just keeps reminding me of all those funny Cold War era films they showed in schools.

Folks, keep calm. Yes, one day there will be another attack just like September 11 [Remember in the early 90s when terrorists attacked the WTC and that was so awful we couldn't imagine it happening again?], but don't live each day in fear of it. Unlike what people say, the terrorist job is not to terrorize, but to kill. If they wanted to kill you, they will keep it as secret as possible so they can accomplish it. These "terror games" are only part of the bigger picture to get people worn out and spend a lot of money over nothing to leave the target defenseless and broke.

Be smart and don't play into their hands, but use common sense and get some basic knowledge. That is what may save your life - not plastic wrap and tape!