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One of the best things you can do to start the ball rolling is involve the community and start a community watch. Depending on how ambitious you are, if you do not already have a program in your area, start your own with members on your block and when you feel comfortable, invite the rest of the community. If there already is a program in place, attend the meetings and see if they are all talk or are actually making a difference. If they are all talk, then it is up to you to become a leader and show them how to do things.

Interest in community involvement can be perked when you offer valuable content and a reason to come and participate. Invite knowledgeable guest speakers to teach skills such as a Red Cross worker who may want to show the basics of CPR and invite you to sign up for the full class, or a police office who may help you set up a neighborhood watch, or a fireman who will teach you fire safety specifically to your children. There are many different ideas to get people to come to the meetings and want to participate. Offer snacks and beverages for after the meetings. All in attendance could even bring one dish to save on money. Ask the park district or a local library to give you the space and privacy for the meetings. Sometimes it is hard to get interest in these things if the meetings are irregular or just too many. Strive for a meeting at least twice a month and no more than once a week.

When you get the community involved and professionals to teach the basics, you will all learn at the same time and can be more effective when you need to work together. Check first to see if there is such a program in your community and if not, consider starting your own.

You also need to take measures for yourself. It is your responsibility to follow through with educating yourself and your family on how to lessen your chances of being a target of any type of crime.

No matter how hard you prepare, sometimes a crime will happen to you. You want to lessen your chances of that happening, but if someone wants to choose you as your target, you will have to also know how to deal with the situation at hand.


It really doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, your height and weight, your race, your religion, your education or whatever, you need to learn how to defend yourself from people who wish you wrong.

The purpose of a self defense class is not to go around starting a fight and not to totally overthrow and kill an attacker. The purpose is to get out of the situation in the best possible way. At times you may have no other choice but to kill the attacker. On the other extreme, the best thing is to just give them what they want and walk away alive. Each situation requires different action. The only way you will know how to handle different endless possible situations is by taking a comprehensive self defense course.

There are many possible types of self defense course for you to choose depending on your preference and abilities. There are many different types of martial arts classes with different styles of teaching and philosophy. There are also street fighting classes that teach how to deal with common thugs to those who really wish you fatal harm. Sometimes those classes are just to get out clean and others are purely fighting dirty. There are classes specifically for women, children, mature adults, overweight and those with disabilities. A class you choose must reflect your personal abilities and beliefs. You must also consider cost and time factors. If you cannot afford to complete the class, find something more within your budget. If you find a class that is at times you can only half way attend, you would be better finding something that has more time slots available.

There are many books and tapes on self defense which are a good start, but really should be used in the context of actual hands on practice by those who are trained. It is better than nothing by using them solely, but if used incorrectly when it matters most can cost you your life or put you in more danger.


Sure, there are more things you should learn about protecting yourself and your family, but many things need to be taught within the class by a trained instructor. First things first, get the community thing together and then sign up for classes.