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All I can say is, "Wow!" Degrassi makes me appreciate the American neighbors to the north. Sure, the clothing, music, and activities may get dated as time goes by, but the issues are the same every teenager in most of the Western world will confront at some time in their life. I'm sure most teens will fall on the floor with laughter at the way people dressed on Degrassi Junior High and in Degrassi High.

Why do I, an almost 40 year old woman, find such a show interesting? I started watching this show back when I was looking after my then teenaged sister-in-laws who would religiously watch it on our local PBS station in Chicago. I never heard of it before then, but got hooked on their adventures.

Now I have children of my own who are getting closer to the teen years and so as to never forget what it was like growing up as well as catching up with what teens of today have to face, I still find it a profoundly timeless show that can cross the generation gap.

There are differences between the old Degrassi series and Degrassi The Next Generation [TNG]. One big difference is TNG seems to keep the parents almost completely out of their kids problems and in the old series, the parents were more involved. While old Degrassi did touch on very heavy issues of the time, Degrassi TNG digs a bit deeper and at times feels like it is going into a darker place.

This section is dedicated to all the phases of Degrassi [or De Grassi if you are more particular about it.]

Degrassi of the 80s
How Degrassi Looked in the 80s
Joey and Caitlin