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Queer As Folk

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Based on the British series by Russell T Davies [Of Doctor Who fame.]

Set in Pittsburg, PA (Someone has to live there!) this is a story about a group of 7 friends who are all gay or lesbian. And no, it is not just a gay sex show even though there are indeed scenes depicting homosexual acts. There is actually a very touching story line that not only applies to issues facing the homosexual communities, but everyone should be able to relate to the strong ties and issues of family, friends, love and relationships.

This was originally a series on British television. It is filmed in Canada (eh - listen to the way some of them speak) and very controversial in the United States. The objections some people have over this show is the blatant, in your face, homosexual theme. If you were to actually watch it, you would realize there is a lot more going on than just gay sex.

Queer as Folk is basically about how people relate to each other and gives you more insight into the world as seen by some homosexuals, a very rare thing to see on television. QAF is supposed to depict this particular group of gay friends the way they see things, although it does not represent every homosexual, it does touch on issues almost everyone has, gay or straight.

Most mainstream television with gay characters use them as minor or supporting roles without much of a chance to show them as fully developed characters. Many times these one-dimensional gay characters are the target or disher out of the jokes. Rarely, if ever, are important issues brought up regarding what that character might actually face.

Queer As Folk crosses those former taboo issues and lets you look at a group of very different homosexual individuals with distinct personalities, traits, and interests interacting in ways that seem normal as opposed to one-sided sitcom characters.

Some of the issues shown include AIDS, safe sex, violence against homosexuals, unfair justice against homosexuals, losing one's virginity, underage sex, divorce, gay marriage, gay couples raising a child, death, Christian groups which try to change gay people, drugs and so forth. Although many issues directly affect homosexuals, as a world community these issues affect all of us.

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