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Judi Clarke-Copeland and Co-Conspirator of the Night

About Judi Clarke-Copeland is the brainchild of myself, Judi Clarke-Copeland, with a crazy idea back in August 1998 to buy a computer and learn to design web sites; and my first site went up within a week. Teaching myself everything I know now, I learned a lot along the way. My first site was on [Now defunct and re-directed to an old domain of mine at] when it used to be a free web site. I developed articles to post on my site through a dial-up Juno account. Eventually, AOL was looking more like a more viable option for online businesses and I upgraded. Along with my first venture at a real domain site I bought information-entertainment in 2000. Sometimes I spent upwards to 20 hours a day, 7 days a week devoted to the passion of web development and learning all I could about computers.

Over the years, I have added new domains with new topics and kept expanding the model while going to school. I attended Rasmussen College and achieved an AAS degree in ISM/Web Programming in 2008 and started Capella University to continue towards a BS degree in Software Engineering.

With a major setback in health, I had to reconsider the business model and decided to gather all the web sites and put it under one domain with an easy model to install new articles as needed. I enlisted the help of Co-Conspirator of the Night to keep up with some of the things I could no longer handle. So if you see an unfinished page or broken link, don't worry, we will get to it.

Co-Conspirator of the Night

Co-Conspirator of the Night, is an expert in everything, so he [or she or they] says. He/she/they wants to keep his/her/their privacy to be a legend in his/her/their own mind. He/she/they is the one who reads through and inserts articles in templates created by his/her partner. He/she screens all e-mail and sends me the ones which need a response. He/she/they work other jobs and gets busy, so work is behind [sorry about that]. That is all you need to know about her/him/it.