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This Privacy Policy was last updated on Wednesday, Saturday 16, 2016, 12:15 AM

Introduction: At JCE Enterprises, Inc. we realize the importance of feeling safe online and are fully committed to ensuring that your privacy is respected and protected. Our Privacy Policy below outlines the type of information we collect and receive from you while you are within the JCE Enterprises collection of web sites, as well as ways in which we process and, sometimes, share such information and how you can correct or change such information. The JCE Enterprises web sites is defined as the web sites of websites and services that are owned and operated by JCE Enterprises. Each site included within the JCE Enterprises web sites is governed by this Privacy Policy unless otherwise noted on such site.

Note: This site is not targeted deliberately to those who are 13 and under. It contains adult language on some pages.


1. How JCE Enterprises Collects Information
* Personal Data you provide
* Information JCE Enterprises collects
2. Our Use of Your Information
3. Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information to Third Parties
4. JCE Enterprises Opt-in/Opt-out Policy
5. Third Party Advertising and Links to other Sites.
6. Access and Correction
7. Guidelines regarding children
8. Public forums/chat rooms/message boards/bulletin boards/social
9. web sitesing - How we protect and secure your information
10. Applicable Law
11. Changes to this Privacy Policy
12. Contact Information

1. How JCE Enterprises Collects Information

A. Personal Data you provide to JCE Enterprises

Personally Identifiable Information is any information that can be used to identify a specific individual such as your name, email address, home address, and phone number. JCE Enterprises does not ask you to provide personally identifiable information in various places throughout the JCE Enterprises web sites as a general rule. Some of these areas where the collection of such information takes place are listed below:

Surveys and Polls

JCE Enterprises from time to time will offer online surveys and questionnaires that ask users for opinions on various issues and/or other information. Occasionally, we may request demographic information (like zip code, age or gender) when you answer a survey. Such surveys are completely voluntary and only used to make improvements to the web sites.

B. Information gathered by JCE Enterprises and its third party service providers

When you visit the JCE Enterprises web sites and interact with the services and tools that reside there, JCE Enterprises and third parties with whom JCE Enterprises has contracted to provide services to JCE Enterprises may collect information on your actions. This type of information is generally collected from two sources. One is from the server log files and the other is from cookies.

IP Address

Your IP address is a number that is assigned by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to your computer to identify its location. We use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our website. We also sometimes use IP addresses to communicate with members and subscribers and possibly even ban those members who are not complying with our Terms of Service.


Our site uses a feature of your browser to set a "cookie" on your computer. Cookies are small packets of information that a site's computer stores on your computer. JCE Enterprises will only use cookies for the purpose of interactive games and polls which you can easily delete from your browser by going into your History setting in your browser and deleting it. We do not require the use of cookies for any other purposes, but third party sponsors within the JCE Enterprises web site pages may have cookies they will use.

You may modify your browser preference to provide you with choices relating to cookies. You have the choice to accept all cookies, to be notified when a cookie is set or to reject all cookies. If you choose to reject cookies you may be unable to use those JCE Enterprises services that require registration in order to participate or will have to sign in each time you visit the JCE Enterprises web sites.

Our advertising is currently served by third party advertising companies which deliver a cookie to you so the ads you see can be tracked and ensure that you are not shown the same ad too many times. Since the third party advertising company only tags your computer with a number, they know nothing about who you are. JCE Enterprises does not provide these third party advertising companies with any personally identifiable information. However, these companies may use non-personally identifiable information about your visits to the JCE Enterprises web sites and other sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.

2. How JCE Enterprises uses Information it collects

JCE Enterprises uses the information you provide for several purposes, such as to communicate with you when you ask a question or to give you a better experience when visiting the JCE Enterprises web sites by personalizing tools, content, services and email messages. JCE Enterprises also uses this information to build new services and develop offers that JCE Enterprises believes are more relevant and valuable to you.

The information collected by JCE Enterprises is also used to create aggregated portraits of the JCE Enterprises audience, portraits which present anonymous statistical demographic information but no personally identifiable information. This aggregated information is used, among other things, to determine trends and needs, and also to supply market research to potential advertisers and partners to help them understand who the JCE Enterprises audience is. For example, we may create a report that tells advertisers that 60 percent of our members are females in a certain age range, so that they can determine which of their products or services are most appropriate for our members.

3. Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information to Third Parties

JCE Enterprises does not sell and will never share personally identifiable information with unaffiliated third parties without your consent except in the following instances: (i) disclosure is required by applicable law or pursuant to a court or similar order; (ii) as deemed necessary, in JCE Enterprises's discretion, to protect the legal rights or the property of JCE Enterprises, a member or third party, or to prevent personal injury. In addition, JCE Enterprises may provide personally identifiable information to third parties who are providing technical or fulfillment services on behalf of JCE Enterprises when such disclosure is required in order to provide those services, provided that such third parties agree to be bound by JCE Enterprises's Privacy Policy. JCE Enterprises also reserves the right to share any personally identifiable information or other information about you which you provide to (or which is gathered from) the JCE Enterprises web sites with any or all of its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, our "Affiliates"). JCE Enterprises will also have limited access to any information you provide to (or which is gathered from) the web sites of any of our Affiliates.

Sweepstakes and contests offered on the JCE Enterprises web sites are sponsored by unaffiliated third parties. Information that you provide as part of an entry into a sponsored sweepstakes or contest will be shared with the sponsor if we advise you of such in the sweepstakes rules. Most sweepstakes and contests will also ask you to consent to the release of information contained within the entry form for tax purposes if you become a winner. You should carefully review the rules of each sweepstakes, contest and giveaway which you enter as they may contain additional important information about JCE Enterprises's or a sponsor's use of your personally identifiable information.

The information you provide on pages of the JCE Enterprises web sites that are co-branded with a third party (including tools that are hosted by a third party) may be shared with advertisers and partners on an aggregated basis and in these instances your permission will not be requested since no Personally Identifiable Information will be shared or provided to these third party sponsors or advertisers. JCE Enterprises will, however, use commercially reasonable efforts to contractually require all such third party advertisers and partners to agree not to use any non-personally identifiable information about you, in conjunction with other sources of information, or otherwise, to identify you.

4. The JCE Enterprises Opt-in/Opt-out Policy

Currently JCE Enterprises does not offer newsletters or e-zines or any series of regular e-mails. The only time you will ever be contacted by JCE Enterprises by e-mail is when you e-mail our company and we are responding to it. Any other communication from JCE Enterprises is not from this company, but a hoax.

At any time, you receive an e-mail from any of the JCE Enterprises web sites that was not expected, feel free to contact us at to make a complaint we can investigate.

5. Third Party Advertising and Links to other Sites

The JCE Enterprises web sites contains links to advertisers through Adsense, and partner content provider websites that are not co-branded or affiliated with JCE Enterprises in any way. We cannot be responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such non-JCE Enterprises websites, and we do not control the practices of any of our advertisers or partners to whose sites we link. Content produced on this site from other sites will be listed as such.

Special Note on Google Adsense (DoubleDart Cookie):

6. Access and Correction

JCE Enterprises does not allow you the ability to access, correct or change the personally identifiable information as we discard such information after statistic purposes. Please be advised that JCE Enterprises currently archives other information without personally identifiable information it collects on its members and visitors (browser used, city location, time spent...).

7. Guidelines regarding children

Personal information about children is a concern for all of us. At JCE Enterprises, we take the protection of children very seriously. JCE Enterprises web sites are mostly for educational references and might be accessed by children under 13 who will need information for school, but at no time will they ever be asked to reveal any personally identifiable information. JCE Enterprises does not encourage participation or visitation by children in chat room areas, blogs or forums.

8. Public forums/chat rooms/message boards/bulletin boards/social web sitesing

The JCE Enterprises web sites offer communication through social networks.

Please remember that any information you disclose in these public becomes public information and is immediately accessible, so it is important for you to exercise discretion and appropriate caution when deciding to reveal personal information in these areas.

Should you decide to sign up as a "friend" on one of the social network connections, you will receive regular, friendly correspondance only through that particular social network connection and can resign as a friend at any time.

9. How we protect and secure your information

JCE Enterprises has numerous security measures in place to protect you from the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. This site is supported solely through Adsense and Any transactions would be through those two sources; thus if you have issues with them, contact them. At no time should you ever have a transaction statement from JCE Enterprises or any supporters/volunteers of same company. We do not collect nor do we distribute your personal information on our end. Your information is only made known if you post on social media or make agreements with 3rd parties which have their own privacy policies which are not in our control.

10. Applicable Law

We control and operate the JCE Enterprises web sites from the United States. The JCE Enterprises web sites is not intended to subject us to the laws or jurisdiction of any state, country or territory other than that of the United States. Please note that we do not represent or warrant that the JCE Enterprises web sites is appropriate for use in any particular jurisdiction. Those who choose to access the JCE Enterprises web sites do so at their own initiative and are responsible for complying with all local laws, rules and regulations.

11. Changes to this Privacy Policy

Any significant changes to our Privacy Policy that affect the use of any personally identifiable information we collect will be posted here. We will not make new use of any personally identifiable information which JCE Enterprises gathered from individual members or visitors prior to any such significant change in our Privacy Policy without first obtaining the member's or visitor's consent for any new uses. In instances where we ask for your personally identifiable information and we tell you the data we are collecting on that page will be shared with unaffiliated third parties, and in cases where a member, visitor or subscriber to the JCE Enterprises web sites opts-in to share his/her information with third parties, those disclosures and opt-ins will override anything to the contrary in this Privacy Policy. In addition, JCE Enterprises reserves the right to make non-significant changes to our Privacy Policy that will not affect JCE Enterprises's use of a user's Personally Identifiable Information at any time without any notice to you other than posting any such changes in a revised Privacy Policy on the JCE Enterprises web sites. We encourage you to periodically review our Privacy Policy to be sure you are familiar with the most current version. The Privacy Policy will include the most recent date in which any revision has been made. Please note that this Privacy Policy is also incorporated into JCE Enterprises's Terms of Service.

12. Contact information

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you may Click Here To Contact Me